Why You Need to Deposit Creative Ideas into a Digital Bank

|   Feb 25, 2016

group creativity idea bank

Is your company facing a creativity crisis today, struggling to generate good ideas, harness group creativity and execute on innovation? One reason you’re not getting anywhere: your company’s great ideas have no place to grow.

Whenever you hold a meeting to brainstorm, you probably greenlight a handful of ideas, and out of those, most likely only one or two come to fruition. What happens to the rest of the good ideas and thoughtful suggestions? You probably forget about them.

Enterprises are leaking ideas left and right and shortchanging them time and support to become something great.

But, if you deposit your ideas into a sort of digital bank, not only do you have an archive to revisit them all, but you also allow ideas to incubate and accrue more value. Here’s why you should start your digital idea piggy bank now.

Quantity Gets You Better Quality

There are several reasons high-quantity ideation tends to generate more creativity than focusing on quality alone. Once you get the obvious ideas out of the way, you move onto the unordinary ideas. You have less time for perfectionism and filtering, producing more uninhibited ideas. Innovation often stems from the combination of ideas, and focusing on quantity provides a bigger pool of ideas to connect in unique ways.

Another thing that tends to happen is participants learn what works and what doesn’t. A story made popular in the book Art and Fear illustrates how a trial-and-error creative process produces better quality ideas. Simultaneously, high-quantity ideation helps participants better develop their creative skills. About 73 percent of the most creative people in business said creativity can be learned, in a Fast Company poll.

Timing Matters

Great ideas don’t develop into innovation unless they solve real problems. That’s because innovation is not just about originality; it’s also about providing value. That’s what resonates with customers.

Time and again, inventive technologies have failed simply because they were ahead of their time—right idea, wrong time. Even Albert Einstein said, “The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill.”

This is why your team and company needs to write down every idea. By tucking them away, you can quickly return to a repository of great ideas when specific problems do arise, accelerating the problem-solving process.

giving ideas wingsSome Ideas Need Wings to Be Great

Some ideas simply aren’t great because they haven’t been truly heard or sold the right way. Amplification and interpretation are normal stages of the idea lifecycle, as this Moz graphic shows, and so ideas need time to process through these stages so their value is thoroughly communicated and properly understood throughout your team or organization.

By collecting ideas in a secure, searchable, central place, you can return to them later to iterate on them, connect them to an immediate need and gather greater support. That’s where collaboration software like Socialcast comes in.

Features like Challenges and Groups provide spaces for organizations to crowdsource ideas and feedback across the entire enterprise. Ideas finally have space to grow, and companies now have a more productive way to integrate group creativity into the workday.

See what’s new with Socialcast in this 60-minute webinar.

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