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|   Sep 21, 2012

This week we have several product updates to share regarding your Socialcast Community. We are removing two integration features that are outdated, due to changes in third party API’s and Terms of Service. In addition, we are eliminating a SharePoint web part because we now offer more robust capabilities with Socialcast Reach.

Socialcast Reach is a powerful capability available to you today. You may have read our press release regarding the possibilities in using Reach. With Reach, you can easily add social capabilities to almost any business system, and many of our customers find it particularly effective in making the content on their company Intranet come to life.

Twitter Compatible API: The Socialcast Twitter Compatible API allowed people to view a Socialcast stream, and post updates from within various Twitter Clients such as TweetDeck.  On August 30, 2010, Twitter changed their approach and modified their Terms of Service. Twitter now requires that client developers adhere to “third party content” guidelines that drastically limit the ability for Twitter Clients to consume content from services like Socialcast. Due to these changes to Twitter’s Terms of Service, Socialcast will cease support for the Socialcast Twitter Compatible API on October 1, 2012.
Note: The Twitter Feed import capability is not affected by this change.

Facebook Feed Import:  The “Import Web Feeds” feature allowed employees to import and syndicate Facebook status updates within Socialcast. This feature relied on Facebook’s support of an RSS feed link that was accessible to users.  In 2011, Facebook removed this functionality and now requires all Status Feed requests to use their API and OAuth to import status updates into a third party application. After this change was made, Socialcast could no longer request individual status updates; therefore, Socialcast will remove this feature on October 1, 2012.

Socialcast SharePoint Web Part: On March 16, 2012, we removed the ability to download the Legacy SharePoint web part from the Socialcast Add-Ons page. We continue to make investments in our Socialcast Reach capabilities, which has replaced older SharePoint integration technology.

On October 1, 2012, we will disable the web part feature, and existing integrations with the legacy web part will cease to function. Socialcast Reach web parts will not be affected in any way. All the functionality of the web part (and more) is available with Reach. Customers should replace any instances of the legacy Socialcast SharePoint web part with Socialcast Reach extensions available to community administrators and Reach administrators via the Admin panel.

We created a short video that explains how you can add a Reach extension to your SharePoint instance — it will only take about five minutes to do.

Visit our developer site to learn more about Socialcast Reach and how to set up various Reach extensions.

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