Updated Mobile Site, “Helpful Links” & More: New Socialcast Feature Updates

|   Jul 6, 2010

Today, Socialcast has announced several new features and updates to make it even easier to use. Many of the updates came from user feedback – thanks to everyone that has made suggestions, offered their use-cases, ideas, and served as beta-testers in recent weeks.

New Socialcast Features:

New “Helpful Links”

A new “Helpful Links” section has been added that allows companies to link to internal and external resources. The links are managed by system administrators, and enable relevant training and resource information to be available at any time inside the community. This feature can be accessed through the admin panel, under the “helpful links” tab. Once entered, the links will appear in the upper right-hand side of the main page for all users.

New Applications Link

A new “Applications” link has been added to the top of the Socialcast Community, providing quick and easy access to integration tools like Outlook, SharePoint, Blackberry, iPhone and more.

New User Profile Field

An additional field has been added to a user’s profile page to enter the name of his or her manager. This field helps communicate a company’s organizational structure.

Updated Group Directory

The group directory has been updated to show more information on the community’s groups. Now, the group directory displays the number of followers and messages in each particular group. A new and easy layout has been implemented, making selecting and joining public groups simpler.

“Likes” Initially Only Show for Users You Follow

Now posts that contain “Likes” only show the names of people a user is following. All other “Likes” from users that are not followed are aggregated into a numerical count, and can be viewed by clicking on that number. This eliminates the number of “Likes” shown under each post for large communities.

Keeping Comments Collapsed

When comments are collapsed and a user adds an additional comment, the message will no longer automatically expand to show all comments on the message. This helps users keep their place in the stream.

Updated Mobile Web Platform

Socialcast is also releasing a new mobile web version of the community. Android and other mobile platform users will have improved access to Socialcast communities via their mobile web browser. The mobile web version features many of the same capabilities as the web app, but is optimized for mobile devices. To access a Socialcast community on a mobile device, go to http://www.socialcast.com.

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