The Three Things You Should Know About Enterprise Social and Why You Should Join Us Thursday For A Virtual Conference

|   May 2, 2012

On a daily basis we work with leading companies that have recognized the value of social technologies in the workplace. The reality is, however, that many companies have yet to jump on the enterprise social networking bandwagon.  According to a recent Forrester survey, 49% of those companies surveyed will have made investments in social networking solutions in 2012. That leaves a significant percentage of companies still on the sidelines. For those of you who haven’t yet made a commitment to enterprise social networking, your competitive advantage may be at risk.

Here are three reasons why companies, and IT departments in particular, should take a serious look at enterprise social networking:

Social businesses outperform their peers. The 2011 IBM CIO study finds that internal collaboration and cross-functional integration are key strategies for top-performing organizations. Companies who have embraced enterprise social networking are reaping benefits from their efforts. In a recent study conducted by the Altimeter Group, surveyed companies measured the highest impact in the areas of: improved collaboration between departments/teams; the ability to find experts or share expertise within the company; and faster dissemination of best practices. In today’s fast-paced business climate, this translates into greater business agility and competitive advantage.

Employees expect it. Social tools like Facebook and Twitter have reached critical mass. More than 66% of adult online users are “socially active” in their personal lives. This is having a significant impact on how people, particularly younger employees, expect to engage and interact with colleagues in the workplace. It is important for IT teams to embrace this trend, rather than fight it, with people-centric technology solutions.

Success depends on IT. Barriers to adopting enterprise social networking are low. Grass-roots efforts are easy to get started. Yet without careful consideration, Gartner predicts that 70% of internal social initiatives will eventually fail. Thought leaders agree that the true transformational power of social collaboration in the workplace is only possible when forward-thinking IT staff work in close partnership with executives and managers, and invest in a disciplined approach to integration, security, mobility, and community-building.

Social networking in the workplace is really about cultural transformation. It’s about empowering employees to engage across hierarchical boundaries and outside of the confines of department-specific information silos. It’s about giving people better access to information and resources so that they can work smarter and make better decisions. Companies who can extend knowledge, ideas, and experience to the most employees are those that learn faster, innovate more, and make smarter decisions.

It’s time to take the lead on your enterprise social networking initiatives. With the right strategy, guidance, and implementation your company will benefit and so will you.

Please join Socialcast and VMware on May 3rd, 2012 for the End User Computing Virtual Conference, an online virtual event packed with valuable information about VMware products that will help you succeed in the post-PC era. Make sure to stop by our booth and see how Socialcast is helping businesses become higher performing social businesses.

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