The Relevance of “Following”

|   Apr 2, 2012

“Following” enables you to monitor things you need to know and also uncover things you didn’t know you needed to know.

Within your Socialcast community, there are three areas that empower you to follow beneficial content:

1) People: connect with and follow individuals who you directly work with or who share common interests as you. When you follow someone, you are subscribing to their updates and they will show up in your Home Stream. For more information about Streams, please click here.

If you choose to unfollow someone, he or she will not receive a notification.

2) Groups: when you join a group, you subscribe to the group’s updates and activities which also show up in your Home Stream.

To begin your search for groups, click on the Groups Directory in the left side bar.

We recommend you search for groups that are directly relevant to your organization, team and/or office location.

  1. Type in key words in the Groups Directory’s search bar – groups that contain those terms in their name or descriptions will show up in the results.
  2. To see the most popular and active groups, you may toggle between the most members or messages. To do this, click on “messages” or “members” in the Groups Directory and the sort will take place.

3) Conversations: you may also follow conversations instead of individuals or groups.

To follow a conversation:

  1. Click on the tool icon (looks like a gear) in the upper right corner of the specific message.
  2. Select “Follow message replies.” This feature will automatically send you email notifications for each new reply to the targeted conversation.

To stop following message replies, click on the tool icon again and select “Stop following replies.”

As you follow more individuals and groups, your Home Stream will be aggregating more content. We recommend following the most relevant individuals and groups who directly contribute to your productivity. When you feel your Home Stream is becoming stagnant and not providing helpful content, that may be your cue to search for more interesting people and groups to follow.

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