The Presidential Precinct Welcomes YALI Fellows to Virginia with Socialcast by VMware

|   Jun 26, 2014

I had the opportunity to experience the Presidential Precinct Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Opening Ceremony first hand on June 16, 2014, where we were greeted by fellows and leaders, including the honorable Tim Kaine, followed by a reception at the pavilion and a noon luncheon at Garrett Hall at the University of Virginia.  To top it off, we all gathered at a local Mexican restaurant where we watched the USA vs. Ghana World Cup game – a victory for USA with memorable performances from Ghana. Check out this video of the fellows cheering on Ghana after they made their first goal.

The next six weeks will be full of leadership training, academic coursework and mentoring for the Washington Fellows representing 18 African countries.  The Presidential Precinct was selected to be one of twenty institutions to host 225 Fellows to support the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, the new flagship program of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative.

Socialcast was selected to partner with The Presidential Precinct Network. The fellows are actively using the Socialcast community to help them collaborate and focus on skills they need to run better ministries, start and grow businesses, and serve their communities in Africa. It will also be used to connect with diplomats, scholars, and private sector leaders from around the world, enabling them to share expertise, collaborate on ideas, and find the best solutions to issues associated with nation building.

As I look back on the 48 hours I spent with the fellows, leaders and the Presidential Precinct staff in Charlottesville, Virginia, I was constantly reminded of how powerful the right enterprise social network can be to help improve engagement and productivity for YALI, and to subsequently help each one of them tell their story. With their Socialcast community, every fellow can encourage future participants, and paint an honest picture of the progress they’re making, and the challenges they face as they progress through the 6-week program.

The Presidential Precinct is using Socialcast to:

  • Create a network of young leaders and domestic institute participants (Faculty, researchers, staff, and students);
  • Create opportunities for young African leaders to share the challenges they are facing and solutions they are developing;
  • Create experiential learning opportunities to discuss best practices in governance, civil mobilization, public administration, and social innovation; assess their relevance to various contexts; and apply as appropriate;
  • Build agenda-setting, strategic-planning, and civic engagement skills in order to foster the creation of a context-specific deliverable that furthers each participant’s professional objectives and that addresses a key country need.

As you can see, the Socialcast Presidential Precinct Networks focuses on network building and developing a strong foundation among the participants.  What’s your Socialcast use case?  How are you changing the world with Socialcast?  Share them below!

Presidential Precinct Group Photo

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