Socialcast unveils Chat for secure instant messaging and collaboration

|   Aug 3, 2015

By: Ashlea Cartee

Last week, Socialcast released its latest feature, Socialcast Chat, providing users with a reliable and secure instant messaging tool. The new Socialcast Chat is updated to deliver a more lightweight and responsive chat tool that customers can use daily for business communication. Socialcast Chat is derived from the previously trusted Private Message feature, and now provides a seamless flow between web and mobile devices.newsletter_chat_mobile_list

Socialcast Chat ensures a secure form of communication within Socialcast to quickly message a person or group without displaying messages in the community stream. Messages are sent via mobile or desktop in real-time without delays as a confidential way to communicate. The feature provides users the ability to privately initiate a chat with an individual or group make quick decisions and come to a resolution on business matters within seconds. The security features in Chat provide a more secure way to communicate than other non-enterprise chat tools, such as text messaging or mobile messaging apps.

The new enhancements to Socialcast Chat includes a chat menu on the right-hand side of the browser that displays an expanded list of favorite and recent chats; users can also filter chats by typing names in the search bar. Users are able to access all chats on the list and receive a conversation pop-up, similar to consumer instant messaging applications. Socialcast Chat is available to all communities on Socialcast.newsletter_chat_desktop

Some of the highlighted features include the ability to:

  • Add members, rename or leave a group chat
  • Hide a 1:1 chat
  • Change group chat photo in full conversation view
  • Infinite scroll and load of previous chat messages

Click here to learn more about Socialcast Chat and more feature updates.newsletter_chat_mobile_detail

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