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|   Nov 8, 2012

Socialcast’s Town Hall feature allows communities to host real-time discussions between executives and employees. Use Town Hall to schedule virtual meetings to discuss major initiatives, company performance and changes to policy; essentially any topic that would benefit from real-time discussion in a moderated forum.

In a Town Hall, there are three roles: speaker, moderator, and attendees. Town Halls can be company-wide public events open to all community members, or they can be private events targeting a select group of individuals. Town Halls can be created for discussions on the fly, or they can be scheduled in advance for future dates. Once a Town Hall has finished, it will automatically be archived.

As a Town Hall is nearing the end, moderators or speakers can choose to extend the Town Hall by 5 minutes up to two hours in the event that more time is needed to answer questions and discuss topics. If a Town Hall ends early, the speaker or moderator can Archive it early. Archived Town Halls are found in the Town Halls directory; users are not able to post new questions in an archived Town Hall but they can review past answers and comments.

Town Hall Roles


Every Town Hall has one or more speakers who can present information and answer questions. Typically, the speaker will post information about the Town Hall topic as soon as the Town Hall is scheduled. This information encourages conversation even before the Town Hall takes place.


A Town Hall may also have one or more moderators to help the speaker answer questions and manage administrative functions related to the Town Hall. For example, a moderator may change the date of a Town Hall, or invite people to the meeting.

Town Hall attendees are community members who have indicated they will attend the Town Hall. These people can view and participate in the conversation. Public Town Halls are visible to all community members, whether they have decided to attend or not.

The Socialcast Community Administrator Guide contains documentation that covers how to schedule and manage a Town Hall. The guide also gives an overview of how to participate in a Town Hall.


  • I signed up a socialcast account, but I don’t see the town hall option. I just see HOME GROUPS and PEOPLE. Why ?

    Commented on November 12, 2012 at 4:06 am

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