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|   Dec 6, 2012

In Socialcast, your profile page is your face or “personal brand” in your community. The profile page is where your co-workers can view your contact details and learn a little more about you. Community admins can add unique questions to the profile page allowing employees to share interesting facts or skills that may be of interest to others in the organization.

Clicking any community member’s name in a Socialcast community will display that person’s profile page. You can edit your own profile page by viewing your profile and clicking the “Edit My Profile”  link in the upper right-hand corner of your profile page.


Profile Features

At the top of every profile page is the employee’s photo and name. Having a photo is important because it not only helps to personalize posts in the community, but our research shows that having a profile photo increases the odds of getting a response by 15%.

In addition to the name and photo, if filled in, the employee’s title, department and business unit, their manager, and a link to the org chart is displayed. Some of the these fields may not appear on a profile if not enabled by the community administrator.

Profile Navigation

There are a number of ways to discover information about someone with profiles, including Activity, About, Files, and Thanks.

1) Activity

By default, when viewing a profile, all of an employee’s activity in the community is shown. This includes any posts they have made, in addition to commenting or liking posts.

2) About

Depending on how the community is set up, a variety of information may be displayed on the About page, including the member’s location, email, phone numbers, and contact information for various communication tools, such as Skype, Microsoft Lync or Twitter.

Default profile fields in Socialcast include Job Description and Passions, however, community administrators can create custom profile fields based the requirements of the company.  Examples of custom fields include: Alma Mater, My Areas of Expertise, My Work Experience, or Certifications.

Custom fields are often used by our clients to add a more personal touch to profiles. For example, community admins can create custom fields such as Favorite Books or Favorite Restaurants, giving employees something to bond over outside out of work-related interests.

3) Files

The Files tab displays all files an employee has shared in the community (as long as file uploading is not restricted in the community). Files shared to a private group or within a private message are not displayed here. Clicking the dropdown arrow that appears after the date added column allows you to view the thread where the file was uploaded.

4) Thanks

The Thanks tab lists all of the Thanks a user has received. More information about viewing, sending, and configuring Thanks is available on our Community Administrator Documentation site.

Note: In communities with accounts provisioned by LDAP, some or all profile fields may not be configurable by users. If your community uses Directory Integration, contact your community administrator to have your profile information updated in your company’s official user database.

Having an updated profile page in Socialcast will ensure that your co-workers have a face to go with your name, and it also allows them to get to know you a little bit better.

If you have any questions about profiles, feel free to let us know in the comments!


  • I’m having a hard time understanding how the profiles work, specifically in terms of search capability. I’ve had numerous requests from my community for a way to search for people by location. I added a drop down menu via Organization that allows them to choose what city/market they are in, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to find people by city/market.

    Can you recommend the best way to achieve this? Is there a way to search by market/location/city and then get a list of people? Thanks!

    Commented on June 19, 2013 at 2:15 pm

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