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|   Jul 16, 2013

Socialcast_mobile_appToday we are pleased to announce a new release of the Socialcast mobile app for iOS. It is the first of many new-and-improved mobile apps we plan to release in the coming months as part of our commitment to making the Socialcast mobile experience the best in the industry.

We continue to focus on delivering products that meet the needs of a modern workforce. Recent technology trends, including the shift away from the desktop to mobile devices, are part of what is helping to shape our vision, however, there is a human side too. In the not-too-distant future, companies will need a very different kind of employee to drive profitable growth. In a recent study conducted by CEB, global executives say they will need a 20% improvement in productivity to meet their business goals.

Those productivity gains will come from employees equipped to exploit the changing nature of work in a global, hyper-competitive business environment. CEB identifies four major changes in the nature of work that will impact how it is structured and managed, and what it will take to succeed. The successful employee will be mobile, increasingly knowledge-driven, highly adaptable to change, and deeply collaborative with a broad range of individuals, both within and outside the company.

Meeting the needs of this modern information worker was at the forefront of our spring re-design of Socialcast, and continues to inspire our ongoing improvements for iOS and other popular mobile platforms.

The new Socialcast mobile app for iOS is built from the ground up to keep today’s workforce in synch with everything they need — colleagues, conversations, files, and projects. It’s faster and packed with community features such as Thanks, our employee recognition feature; auto-complete; Like; and universal search. It has been completely redesigned for greater ease of use, and optimized for iPhone and iPad devices.

If you are an Android or Windows user, stay tuned for more news in the coming months.

Enterprise social is really about helping co-workers connect, communicate, and get work done faster. With Socialcast mobile apps, we’re keeping you in synch with everything at work wherever you are, and from any device you choose – the modern way.

Download the new Socialcast iOS mobile app today!


  • Hi,
    the new version of the iOS app for SocialCast keeps logging the users out.

    The problem seems to occur when there is a temporary loss of network connection, and the user attempts to view their feed. Some users have then been unable to log back in after restoring internet connection. The problem is occurring on iOS devices running the latest version of iOS. Has this issue been reported? and can a fix be found?

    The users log in and authorise the app. Then after a period of use, seemingly triggered by a lack of network connection, the user is logged out and the app is no longer authorized. This constant need for the user to log in (the log in screen does not seem optimised for the mobile devices) is becoming a real problem, and some users have experienced problems with logging in. Is there any way for the user to remain logged in, even when connection to the network is lost?

    As Social Cast was very recently introduced, this has significantly damaged the users’ confidence in the app, so any response/suggestions for fixes would be much appreciated.


    Commented on July 26, 2013 at 6:00 am

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