Recap: Socialcast at VMworld 2015

|   Sep 14, 2015


VMworld 2015 in San Francisco has sadly come to a close and the show is headed to Barcelona. But, before we officially hang up our VMworld badges, we wanted to share some Socialcast highlights from this year’s event. Here’s just a small glimpse into Socialcast’s presence at VMworld 2015!

Socialcast at the VMworld Keynote

We kicked things off with Sanjay Poonen’s keynote where Socialcast was showcased in Noah Wasmer’s demo of simple logon via VMware Identity and using ACE.

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Figure 1: Socialcast in Sanjay Poonen’s VMworld keynote



Then, it was off to the Solution Exchange where hundreds of partners and resellers demonstrated their offerings as part of the large VMware Ecosystem. In the middle of the exchange was the VMware booth and Socialcast was prominently featured there –


Figure 2: Socialcast demos at the AirWatch booth

This year’s VMworld theme was cloud management and DevOps, so it was natural that those topics also dominated many sessions and discussions where Socialcast took center stage. Our Sr. Product Manager, Badi Azad, focused heavily on that in his EUC Theater Session: “Collaborate Across vSphere, vRealize and Other DevOps Tools.”

In his session, Badi talked about how Socialcast can be used to create one conversation across various DevOps tools – such as PagerDuty, vSphere, and Jira – in the context of an issue that occurred in the data center. Badi demonstrated that integrated contextual communication across DevOps teams is more effective than a fragmented, isolated discussion in 3rd party chat tools.

Figure 3 Badi Azad presenting on DevOps with Socialcast

Socialcast & DevOps

Badi’s session really set the tone and various VMware core product presentations also touched on the critical topic of embedded collaboration.


In his session entitled “vSphere Web Client – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” Dennis Lu explained how surfacing vSphere events in Socialcast can be hugely beneficial for DevOps staff who need to quickly troubleshoot issues. Even more importantly, Dennis shared how his team plans to embed Socialcast directly into vCenter to allow Admins to collaborate in the context of a VM.

Figure 4: Dennis Lu, PM vCenter Web Client presenting Socialcast embedded into vCenter

Monica Sharma and Leila Trudy continued the theme of embedded collaboration showcasing Socialcast in the Management Business Unit vRealize suite during their session “Deep Dive, Operations Management for Root Cause Analysis (vROps & Log Insight).”


Figure 5: Leila Tudury, PM for LogInsight and Monica Sharma, PM for vRealize Operations



Lastly, in his session “”Self-service Cloud for DevOps, DevOps for IT and Continuous Delivery of Apps,” Thomas Corfmat showed the entire DevOps flow in vRealize Code Stream acommpanied by an embedded Socialcast stream.


Figure 6: Thomas Corfmat, PM for Code Stream showcasing Socialcast embedded into Code Stream


While DevOps and VM admin discussions were definitely the hot topic at this year’s VMworld, there was also an enticing presentation by Vince Shah from AirWatch that included a demo of the entire collaboration bundle and Socialcast was front and center.


Figure 7: Vince Shah, AirWatch Consulting Manager

Remember, these are just some of the highlights! We were blown away by the amount of Socialcast interest that we saw and heard from the VMworld audience, the majority of whom are vSphere administrators and data center managers. As teams become more distributed and swat teams are oftentimes virtual, there is a dire need to increase operational efficiency and make collaboration more embedded. These VMworld sessions show that Socialcast can play a huge role in solving that pain point for VMware customers. By enabling a singular, contextual conversation across all DevOps tools, an app like Socialcast proves to be invaluable in today’s fast-paced corporate world.

We can’t wait to see you all there next year!


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