Getting Value From Social in the Workplace

|   May 9, 2013

The momentum for enterprise social networking continues to build. Analysts like Gartner and Forrester who cover the space along with a number of high-profile thought leaders such as McKinsey Global Institute[1] have validated that  companies are increasing their investment in social tools and technologies in the workplace.

I am continually impressed by the various ways our customers are using Socialcast – many times it is in ways that we had not initially envisioned. There is still quite a bit of skepticism regarding the actual business value of enterprise social networks. This stems primarily from ROI-driven approaches to software investment, which is fairly easy to calculate when evaluating software that automates business processes.

However, social technologies in general focus on people over process. We know from talking to customers that these technologies are making an impact in both human terms and business terms. We’ve captured these benefits in our latest infographic, “Enterprise Winning: Big Companies Getting Value from Enterprise Social.” It highlights issues faced by global businesses as they strive to innovate, attract and retain employees, and create a competitive advantage – and how Socialcast is helping them tackle these challenges. Take a look.

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The business improvements our customers are seeing range from reducing “work about work” – the amount of time employees spend on email, in meetings and tracking down information – to increased employee engagement and better alignment with corporate missions and values. A few highlights include:

  • Humana employees get answers to questions faster – 80% of questions posted within the Socialcast community are answered.
  • SAS employees feel a greater connection to the company – surveys reveal that 85% of employees feel their executives communicate openly.
  • Philips was able to increase alignment on the company’s vision – 93% of those who participated in a program leveraging the Socialcast community agreed they were more informed about the company’s mission and values.
  • 3M has created a global laboratory community by providing remote R&D employees a secure place to share ideas and collaborate efficiently.
  • 81% of Socialcast users across the board say that being a part of a social network at work makes them feel more connected to the company.

Enterprise social networking offers the potential to deliver significant business value by transforming the way we work. By sharing some of our customer experiences and our research, we hope we’ve given you a few more reasons to make the case for becoming a true social enterprise.


[1] “The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity Through Social Technologies,” McKinsey Global Institute, July 2012

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