Respect and a Social Network: Ingredients in SAS Institute’s Formula for Success

|   Jan 6, 2012

The employee-employer relationship is more challenging than ever. Research has shown that employee engagement is trending downward (see our infographic on this subject here), and retaining top talent is a challenge as high performers seek out better work environments that give them freedom, flexibility and a say in how things work.

In a market where some companies are struggling to keep productivity, morale and engagement high, SAS Institute seems to have found the winning combination. Named Fortune’s #1 place to work for two years in a row, SAS gives employees what they need to be fulfilled not only as employees, but as parents, partners, and the other roles that a person plays when not at work.

SAS has also deployed The Hub, a white-labeled Socialcast community where ¾ of its workforce comes to share information. The Hub has facilitated innovation days that allow employees to brainstorm on new products as well as Town Hall sessions with C-level executives. These activities not only help employees do their jobs better, they show a continued commitment to collaborating with employees about how to keep the business strong.

The formula that makes up SAS’s success is complex, but it’s repeatable for other companies who want to become a top place to work. Learn more about SAS’s focus on its employees and their social network in today’s case study on The BrainYard, written by David Carr.

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What is Socialcast?

Socialcast by VMware (NYSE: VMW) is a social network for business uniting people, information, and applications with its real-time enterprise activity stream engine. Behind the firewall or in the cloud, Socialcast enables instant collaboration in a secure environment. Socialcast is headquartered in San Francisco, California.