Reducing Enterprise Social Bloat: Socialcast’s Theme at the E2.0 Conference

|   Nov 14, 2011

It’s that time of year again – the E2.0 Conference in Santa Clara is upon us. As thousands of practitioners make their annual pilgrimage to this social-collaborative Mecca, Socialcast will be at the conference talking about reducing “enterprise bloat.” It’s a fitting topic, considering that the holidays are fast-approaching. We all start doing things a bit in excess this time of year – just a few extra handfuls of kettle corn, one more glass of champagne at the party, and an extra piece of pumpkin pie because, you know, it’s the holidays and therefore completely acceptable, right? But these little bites and sips start to add bloat to our waistlines. And yes, you’ve figured out the analogy that we’ll be presenting at the E2.0 conference this week – enterprise social software is bloated, too. Just a few extra features here and there make for a bloated collaborative platform that isn’t as effective (or as attractive) as it was when it was lean and simple.

Holiday analogies aside, Socialcast will be attending and presenting with our leadership, customers, and new partners at VMware like SlideRocket and Horizon. As we showcase our core enterprise social networking platform, new features, and Strides, our social project management tool, we’re going to focus on taking a simple approach to social software development and deployment in the enterprise.

Socialcast customer Nokia will present a case study on Wednesday (1:30pm PST) on how it has made Socialcast a mission-critical tool for employees and leadership alike. Socialcast has a defined purpose and measurable results at Nokia, and this session will walk through how this global enterprise has created a focused, simple approach to collaboration with Socialcast.

VMware Vice President of Social Enterprise (and former Socialcast CEO) Timothy Young will be presenting a keynote on Tuesday morning (11:00am PST) as well. His topic will focus on Productivity in the enterprise using social software – or, how to remove the bloat from your collaborative efforts to simply get work done.

We are looking forward to connecting customers, experts and other practitioners at the conference this week. Come visit our booth on the expo floor for a chance to see what we’ve been working on at VMware, meet our growing team, and learn about our point of view on the evolution of social software in the enterprise.

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