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|   Aug 27, 2012

Socialcast groups are one of the best ways to help community members find relevant information, coworkers and get the most out of their Socialcast Community. Today, we’re announcing a new feature – Group Selector – to give admins the ability to customize which groups new members see when they sign-up, helping employees immediately engage with the community and helping build a stronger network.

With Group Selector, when a new member joins the community, admins can customize the groups that show up in the sign-up flow, highlighting the groups that are most relevant for their unique community. This means that the people who know their community best can customize the new member experience to help get more out of the community for everyone.


With Group Selector admins have 3 options when configuring group recommendations for new members.

  1. Personally select the groups you want new members to join

If you have a healthy number of groups it might be best to direct new members to larger groups. Select larger department groups, new hire/ onboarding groups, or a Socialcast help group to make sure the new member is directed down the right stream.

  1. Have Socialcast continue recommending groups

If you still have a handful of groups then let Socialcast take care of group recommendations for you. Socialcast will recommend the groups with the largest number of followers.

  1. Take group recommendations completely out of the new member process

If you are still trying to organize your groups, then feel free to turn this feature off in the new member process. Let the new member explore to find the groups that are important to them.

There are many ways that you can use Group Selector to create a more engaged community. For example recommending that your new members join a HR group to get all of their necessary onboarding tools and training. Or recommend they join a Socialcast or IT help group to make sure they are connected to the right people if they ever run into trouble.

We want to give you the flexibility to control the new member experience and ensure that you and all of your social enterprise members have a positive Socialcast experience. Group Selector is available today for all communities. Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

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