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App Add-ons

Socialcast Apps and Add-Ons

|   Dec 21, 2012
It is easy to access Socialcast from a web browser, but did you know you can also access Socialcast through a variety of apps and add-ons? Socialcast offers several ways to connect to your community. In addition, you can also create custom apps using the Socialcast API. To see the various ways you can access your Socialcast community, scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the footer, you will see a link called “Apps.… Read more »


Increase Social Capital in Your Enterprise Social Network

|   Dec 13, 2012
Yesterday, we posted about how community designers should strive to optimize an enterprise social network to create “social capital”, which results in a vibrant community of both listening and posting. The goal is not to focus on a ratio of posters to listeners or worry about the number of messages; rather, it is to ensure that a community is valuable to all members regardless of their role. With the notion of optimizing the overall value of a community in mind, there are a variety of best practices that community designers can employ to increase the social capital of a network. These will keep the network relevant and useful to every individual without creating the information overload that distracts and deters active usage and listening.… Read more »


Socialcast Thanks

|   Dec 13, 2012
In Socialcast, community admins can enable Thanks and allow members to publicly show appreciation for their co-workers. By default, when Thanks is enabled, employees have the ability to send twelve different themed Thanks, such as Communication, Leadership or Problem Solver. A Thanks can be sent via the share form or it can be associated with a specific post or comment in the community. To learn more about sending Thanks, view our documentation. Creating custom Thanks allows community administrators to create specific Thanks that best match the the company’s culture.… Read more »


Lurking and “Social Capital” in an Enterprise Social Network

|   Dec 12, 2012
As mentioned in previous weeks, Community Design is the practice of creating an enterprise social network within the context of your company’s existing communication and technology infrastructure and culture. It’s part art, part science, and the goal is to successfully launch a social network that provides tremendous value for employees and the organization as a whole. Today, we continue our series on lurking and listening behavior in the enterprise, focusing on the idea of using “social capital” to convert unengaged users and lurkers into more active members of the social network. “Social capital” is the bridge that closes the gap between inactivity and activity. It can be roughly defined as the value that peoples’ connections and activities bring to both individuals and the community as a whole.… Read more »

Xcentric_2010 2 copy

Xcentric Increases Employee and Executive Collaboration

|   Dec 11, 2012
Xcentric is a cloud computing and technology company that focuses solely on the needs of CPA firms. Founded in 2002 by three guys in a basement, Xcentric has been helping CPA firms, small and large, move to effective cloud technology that helps reduce costs and increase accountants’ accessibility to the information that they need. With 30 percent year-over-year growth, Xcentric outgrew the basement long ago; however, their founding team looked to Socialcast to help ensure executives and employees still had an open line of communication as they scaled their business. From the start, a standing open door policy has made it easy for employees to surface ideas and concerns to the executive staff so that everyone can contribute to important business decisions and the overall direction of the company.… Read more »

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