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How to Raise Enterprise Social Adoption Rates

|   Jun 11, 2013
A recent report from Deloitte reflects the good news/bad news when it comes to large companies embracing an Enterprise Social Network (ESN). The good news: according to Deloitte, by the end of 2013 more than 90% of the Fortune 500 will have implemented an ESN. The bad news: in a typical month only 40% of the employees who join the community will make a post.… Read more »

Taming Rails Apps with Engines

|   May 21, 2013
As the engineering team was planning for the recent Socialcast release we realized we were going to be adding a couple of significant new functional areas that each had their own models, views, assets, etc.  We were concerned that this could result in a sprawling code base that was hard to learn and maintain. We came up with two ways to solve this in our Ruby on Rails application: either we could break it down into multiple applications and use API calls or we could isolate the functional areas using Rails Engines.  We knew that we wanted a seamless, integrated experience that was easy to maintain so we decided to move forward with the Engines approach.… Read more »


Getting Value From Social in the Workplace

|   May 9, 2013
The momentum for enterprise social networking continues to build. Analysts like Gartner and Forrester who cover the space along with a number of high-profile thought leaders such as McKinsey Global Institute[1] have validated that  companies are increasing their investment in social tools and technologies in the workplace. I am continually impressed by the various ways our customers are using Socialcast – many times it is in ways that we had not initially envisioned. There is still quite a bit of skepticism regarding the actual business value of enterprise social networks. This stems primarily from ROI-driven approaches to software investment, which is fairly easy to calculate when evaluating software that automates business processes.… Read more »


The Next Frontier for Productivity in the Enterprise

|   Apr 18, 2013
Today we are announcing a brand new Socialcast experience for our customers. With this latest release, we have made it even easier to synchronize work-related messages, connect with colleagues, and collaborate as teams. If you have been using Socialcast for a while, the first thing you will notice is the new look-and-feel. It's cleaner. More streamlined.… Read more »

jQuery Custom Events

|   Apr 9, 2013
Overview In the last article about unobtrusive JavaScript, we learned how to use event delegation and markup-driven behavior to create reusable JavaScript components. This article will explore how to use custom events in jQuery to give the developer even greater control over the component's behavior. While many facets of an unobtrusive widget can be controlled via the markup (data attributes), we can expose even more to the developer by triggering custom events. These events are fired on the DOM just like normal browser events, with the same bubbling characteristics. In jQuery, it's as simple as this:… Read more »

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