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Community Design: Why are employees lurking in my enterprise social network? It’s complex!

|   Dec 5, 2012
In the workplace, every employee has his or her own reasons for watching or speaking in a meeting or on a call. Power dynamics in the room, the number of attendees, a member’s longevity at a company, and their knowledge on a particular topic all play a role in determining whether or not someone speaks up and contributes or simply listens and takes notes. This is normal workplace behavior, so it should come as no surprise that employee behavior in an enterprise social network is not much different. An enterprise social network should be understood as just one piece of a company’s communication and cultural ecosystem rather than a standalone entity that has completely different rules. At its core, the network is a way for people to communicate and get their work done, and as such, it is helpful for community designers to apply a similar set of expectations and rules to it.… Read more »

Social Business Intelligence (SBI)

|   Nov 29, 2012
Social Business Intelligence (SBI) is a robust set of analytics that provides real-time feedback on the trends, conversations, and adoption rates of your Socialcast community. Available in premium and free communities, SBI not only provides general statistics about your community, it also offers insights into the employees who are most influential in driving conversations and connecting people. SBI also monitors lurking and listening activity of community members, allowing you to quickly visualize network adoption which can be helpful in planning activities to encourage employee adoption and participation in the community. The SBI panel is accessible in the Admin Settings for admins and under the Analytics link for users with the data analyst role. When you first view SBI’s main page, you are presented with a general Network Overview.… Read more »


Community Design: Classifying Member Types Based on Posting and Lurking Activity

|   Nov 28, 2012
Preparation is key to any successful project, program or presentation at work – and rolling out an enterprise social network is no different. Today, we will discuss the topic of preparing for multiple types of users when engaging in the community design process. While most people think about “types” of users in the context of their role (a manager, executive or individual contributor, for example) or their function (Human Resources, Finance, Communication), we see those as attributes that are more relevant to specific use cases that must be developed to drive participation. In addition to that critical step, a community designer must prepare for the participation, posting and lurking behavior of four different types of users, as well as the opportunity to alter their behavior and convert them to a different type of user over time. The traditional view of social networking lurkers is limited to defining their role in the community as a reader, consumer, and non-poster;… Read more »

Custom Streams #3

Custom Streams

|   Nov 21, 2012
Enterprise Social Networks like Socialcast, provide a wealth of knowledge and information accessible to any employee in the community. To help organize this information we recommend using Custom Streams. Custom Streams allow you to filter information in your community in a way that is personal to you. There are two types of custom streams: keyword/tag streams and people streams.… Read more »


Introducing Rich Link Preview

|   Nov 15, 2012
In late November, Socialcast will offer a Rich Link Preview feature that allows employees to share videos, photos and links with an enhanced preview of the content. Utilizing the public oEmbed specification, when a link is shared for videos, photos or online resources, a thumbnail preview of that content, along with the title and short description, will be displayed in the post. With Rich Link Preview, videos and photos shared in Socialcast can be viewed directly in the activity stream, without the need for users to navigate to an external site. Previously, the only embedded video content that could be accessed from the stream were shared from YouTube or Vimeo. Now employees will have the ability to view videos and photos from a variety of public or internal platforms directly from Socialcast.… Read more »

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