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IDC MarketScape Enterprise Social Software

IDC: Socialcast a Leader in MarketScape Report on Enterprise Social Software

|   Nov 6, 2012
  Today we’re proud to announce that Socialcast has been recognized as a “Leader” in the latest IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise Social Software 2012 Vendor Analysis (doc #237336, October 2012). The report highlights VMware’s leadership position and our strategy around business system integrations, mobile capabilities, analytics and providing real business value for our customers. According to the report, key differentiators that earned Socialcast a leadership position include:… Read more »


2012 Learning and Leadership Development Conference

|   Nov 5, 2012
This week Socialcast is headed to New York City for Human Capital Institute’s 2012 Learning and Leadership Development Conference. The Human Capital Institute (HCI) is a global organization that helps leadership and talent management share best practices on how to create a vibrant work environment that fosters innovation and collaboration. HCI is holding this exciting conference to bring thought leaders from around the world together to discuss various topics that include: Demystify social technology - understand the critical issues involved with implementing, structuring, and sustaining this collaborative platform Learn how to connect learning and executive development with business outcomes and employee performance See the new, collaborative, on-the-job approaches that allow you to identify and accelerate development of high potential employees Learn first-hand how collaborative leadership models can change your culture and drive innovation This fantastic three day conference will start on November 7th and will feature guest speakers from Twitter, AOL, Hulu as well as Socialcast’s very own Chuck Dietrich. Chuck will speak about the power of collaboration within organizations on November 9th at 8:… Read more »

Broadcast Message Screen Shot copy

Socialcast Broadcast Messages

|   Nov 1, 2012
Using an enterprise social network for internal communication allows all employees in a company to have an equal voice to share ideas and comments with the rest of the company. From time to time however, you may find it necessary for certain messages to be conveyed in a way that emphasizes the message’s importance. Socialcast’s “Broadcast Message” feature allows community administrators to send an important announcement to every member of the community. By default, a Broadcast Message will appear in every community member’s home stream, even if they are not following the person who sent the broadcast. Broadcast Messages are styled to look different from regular posts, making them stand out in a user’s stream.… Read more »


Community Design: More than just community management

|   Oct 31, 2012
Today we begin a series on the topic of Community Design, which is a critical discipline for companies implementing an enterprise social network. We’ve always asserted that companies should create a meaningful plan before rolling out a community to employees. However, the notion of Community Design is more evolved and robust, respecting the fact that a successful social network requires the input and work from myriad teams, departments and even systems at a company. So, what is Community Design? Community Design is the practice of planning the cultural and technical components of an enterprise social network prior to launch and via ongoing optimization efforts as the community matures.… Read more »


Best Practices with Hashtags

|   Oct 30, 2012
What are hashtags and why should we use them? The # symbol (called a hashtag) is commonly used with important keywords or topics in a message. The main purpose of applying a hashtag to a word in Socialcast is to categorize messages So long as there are no spaces between words, you can hashtag a phrase. For example, I'm guilty of typing in #iLoveVMware when I hear wonderful news within the VMware community. All hashtagged words stand out from other words in a message because they are a different color from the rest of the message's words.… Read more »

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