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5 Key Strategies to Make an Enterprise Social Network a Global Success

|   Jan 16, 2013
There are many benefits in using enterprise social; some of which were mentioned in a recent post by Fast Company that highlighted one of our long-standing customers, Philips. Philips, a world leader in healthcare, lifestyle and lighting has over two years experience learning what it takes to build a successful enterprise social network to unite their global workforce in a single place where employees can have conversations, work on projects, and recognize individual contributions. In general, a company cannot successfully launch an Enterprise Social Network on a global scale without carefully considering the best way to roll it out to employees. Here are five things you can do today to ensure you get the most out of your enterprise social network:… Read more »


jQuery custom “remove” event with Chrome 24

|   Jan 15, 2013
On January 10th 2013, Google released version 24 of Chrome, which included an unexpected feature: the native remove() method of an HTML element: It's essentially a shortcut for this: element.parentNode.… Read more »


CIOs, it’s time to talk social.

|   Jan 7, 2013
Enterprise social networks are frequently surfacing in discussions outside of Human Resources and Internal Communication departments, particularly in the IT space. As CIOs continue to look for ways to optimize the business, they are examining the potential of social within their organizations. One benefit of social is the ability to offer employees an easy and fluid way to access the information and colleagues they need to work smarter and faster. By integrating social capabilities into business applications and the natural flow of work, CIOs see a significant opportunity to leverage social to drive bottom line results. In a recent Forrester Research report, Social Business:… Read more »

App Add-ons

Socialcast Apps and Add-Ons

|   Dec 21, 2012
It is easy to access Socialcast from a web browser, but did you know you can also access Socialcast through a variety of apps and add-ons? Socialcast offers several ways to connect to your community. In addition, you can also create custom apps using the Socialcast API. To see the various ways you can access your Socialcast community, scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the footer, you will see a link called “Apps.… Read more »


Increase Social Capital in Your Enterprise Social Network

|   Dec 13, 2012
Yesterday, we posted about how community designers should strive to optimize an enterprise social network to create “social capital”, which results in a vibrant community of both listening and posting. The goal is not to focus on a ratio of posters to listeners or worry about the number of messages; rather, it is to ensure that a community is valuable to all members regardless of their role. With the notion of optimizing the overall value of a community in mind, there are a variety of best practices that community designers can employ to increase the social capital of a network. These will keep the network relevant and useful to every individual without creating the information overload that distracts and deters active usage and listening.… Read more »

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