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Socialcast Mobile Apps For a Modern Workforce

|   Jul 16, 2013
Today we are pleased to announce a new release of the Socialcast mobile app for iOS. It is the first of many new-and-improved mobile apps we plan to release in the coming months as part of our commitment to making the Socialcast mobile experience the best in the industry. We continue to focus on delivering products that meet the needs of a modern workforce. Recent technology trends, including the shift away from the desktop to mobile devices, are part of what is helping to shape our vision, however, there is a human side too. In the not-too-distant future, companies will need a very different kind of employee to drive profitable growth.… Read more »

Incremental Redesign with Rails

|   Jul 9, 2013
When the engineering team was planning the new version of Socialcast we knew that we were going to be overhauling virtually every page in the application. From a customer and marketing perspective we wanted to introduce all the changes together, but as an engineering team we were wary about introducing so much change in one big release. We wanted to find a way that we could incrementally release the changes as we built them without affecting our customer experience. If we could selectively turn the new design on and off, this would allow us to give early access to our customers so they could provide feedback on the design while using it with their own data. We could have accomplished this with conditional checks:… Read more »


#E2sday: Ten Tips for Starting a New Job

|   Jul 2, 2013
“When can you start?” After months of careful preparation and countless interviews, these words are full of promise.  Yet one or two missteps in the early days at a new company can have a long-term impact on your future opportunities. Starting off on the right foot is important for any new job, in any industry. This is especially true for new college graduates.… Read more »

The Transformation Toward Modern Ways of Working

|   Jun 17, 2013
When I founded Socialcast, our guiding mission was to create a new way to work.  I saw an opportunity to leverage the massive changes in the ways people were communicating and collaborating in the consumer market, and apply them to the workplace. Now, the shift away from the desktop to mobile devices provides new opportunities for companies like ours to partner with IT to develop business-ready solutions. Supporting more modern ways of working are difficult IT challenges, and VMware has a history of solving these problems in a unique and compelling way, which is one of the reasons I chose to sell Socialcast to VMware more than 2 years ago.  It’s also why I have agreed to take a broader role at VMware as Vice President of Mobile Computing in the End User Computing division at VMware.… Read more »


How to Raise Enterprise Social Adoption Rates

|   Jun 11, 2013
A recent report from Deloitte reflects the good news/bad news when it comes to large companies embracing an Enterprise Social Network (ESN). The good news: according to Deloitte, by the end of 2013 more than 90% of the Fortune 500 will have implemented an ESN. The bad news: in a typical month only 40% of the employees who join the community will make a post.… Read more »

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