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time management on ESN

The Best Time to Get Work Done on Enterprise Social Networks

|   Dec 21, 2015
Thanks to our need to analyze and optimize everything, studies now show us the best time to do pretty much anything at work. The best time to drink your coffee for peak productivity: around 9 a.m. The best time to most effectively manage your inbox:… Read more »

work productivity tips holiday vacation

Your OOO Game Plan: Don’t Even Think About Work on Vacation

|   Dec 16, 2015
About half of Americans check email and work during vacation, according to studies. No way, not this year, not you. You’re on a mission to get through the holiday break without even thinking about what’s going on at the office. Well, vacation domination can be yours with a little planning beforehand. Using an enterprise social network (ESN) like Socialcast, you can break bad habits of checking emails on vacation and reduce the workload awaiting your return.… Read more »

social software grinch

You’re a Mean One: 5 Signs You’re a Social Software Grinch

|   Dec 9, 2015
Here’s your reply to your team’s excellent project results: “Fantastic.” This is what you think you say on social software: “Hey guys, this is awesome! Great teamwork!… Read more »

enterprise productivity alert


|   Dec 4, 2015
Please be on high alert that the words “Thank you” are now hampering enterprise productivity! Say what?! Wait a minute, aren’t workers more confident in their bosses’ success and more likely to work hard when their superiors are grateful? Aren’t appreciated employees more motivated?… Read more »

Feature Updates: November 2015

|   Nov 30, 2015
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! To help you ease back into the work-week, we're sharing some of Socialcast's newest feature enhancements and product updates for the month of November. Check them out below! 1. Integration Store Updates Since our launch of the Integration Store, we’ve received tons of great feedback on how we can add more relevant and impactful information to our integrations.… Read more »

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