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Feature and Mobile Updates: April 2014

|   Apr 29, 2014
For the month of April, we have a few minor feature enhancements and an updated Socialcast iOS mobile app to simplify your communications on the go. Check out our newest features available today*: 1. Warning Confirmation for Leaving Private Groups A number of customers reported that they were accidentally leaving Private Groups, and as a result had a difficult time finding or joining them again. We now alert the user when they are trying to leave a Private Group.… Read more »


Socialcast Response to Heartbleed, aka CVE-2014-0160

|   Apr 9, 2014
Like so many other services across the Internet, Socialcast was vulnerable to the OpenSSL bug known as “Heartbleed”. The vulnerability allows attackers to read decrypted content and may expose user data, session tokens, and passwords. Although we have no indication that any data has been exposed, we are exercising caution and following best practices to ensure that we continue to provide a secure environment to all Socialcast customers. Yesterday, we applied the update to our production systems to prevent any further exposure. Today, we replaced our SSL certificate keypairs and revoked all sessions, forcing users to log in again.… Read more »


Feature Updates: March 2014

|   Mar 28, 2014
Happy Spring everyone! Socialcast believes that an enterprise social collaboration network should be simple, easy to use, and part of the every day flow of work, so employees can be more effective and efficient at their jobs. Our newest feature enhancements will make employees' and community admins’ lives easier! Check out a few of the features available in March*: 1.… Read more »

Mobile Updates: February 2014

|   Feb 28, 2014
Our Socialcast Messenger mobile app allows users to instant message anyone in their Socialcast community while on the go. The app syncs seamlessly with the Private Messages feature so that conversations are never lost and can be accessible anytime though the web app. Check out our latest version of the Socialcast iOS Messenger App available in the App Store today! Socialcast iOS Messenger 1.2 App available Now The Socialcast iOS Messenger app 1.… Read more »

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Feature Updates: February 2014

|   Feb 27, 2014
This month, we are adding features to Socialcast to improve accessibility and the overall user experience. Take a look at a few of the new features available in February*: 1. Keyboard Shortcuts As part of our on-going efforts to make Socialcast more accessible and easier to navigate, this month we are introducing keyboard shortcuts. Users can quickly post an update, ask a question, or send a Thanks all with a quick stroke of the keyboard.… Read more »

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