New Wave of Enterprise Chat Grants You 3 Wishes at Work

|   May 25, 2016

Last week, Google showed everyone at the I/O conference that the future of chat is here. Integrated with their popular search engine, new chat app Allo answers your questions, mid-conversation, like your own personal genie. It’s just one of many recent innovations ushering in a new wave of smart mobile messaging and enterprise chat.

Bots like this are just the beginning of chat’s transformation from stupid simple to incredibly smart. Where once simplicity drove consumer adoption of chat, now intelligence is driving enterprise adoption of more secure, more productive chat technology for work.

Check out other magical ways new, smart mobile messaging is changing collaboration for the better.

work genieWish #1: Transport to Your Colleagues

As convenient as chat is, sometimes it’s not enough. Sometimes you need to explain things aloud or share your screen. Sometimes you need someone to look you in the eye.

The newest chat features essentially “beam” you to online meetings so you can virtually transport to wherever your fellow collaborators are. For instance, you can start a Hangout or meeting right from chat in our own enterprise social network, Socialcast. This ability to seamlessly escalate collaboration from one format to another creates a more productive and richer collaboration experience.

[Read more about Socialcast integrations with Google Hangouts and]

Wish #2: Be in Multiple Places at Once

It seems like every day a new chat app launches, but the more options that exist, the less likely it is that everyone you collaborate with is using the same tool. Tools like Sameroom connect chat apps so that one conversation can unfold across multiple apps at once.

Say your team uses Socialcast and another team at your company uses Slack. With Sameroom enabled, every message you post in Socialcast appears in Slack and vice versa. You never have to leave the app you love, and that seamless experience eliminates friction and barriers to collaboration.

[Read more about the Socialcast integration with Sameroom.]

Wish #3: Walk through Walls

Ironically, the more apps you use to productively work, the more walls, or barriers, you encounter to getting work done. Every secure, enterprise app requires a login, typically a username and password that takes time to find and type. Doing this once or twice is a minor inconvenience, but when your entire workday happens in a stack of apps, it starts holding back your productivity.

One way Socialcast eliminates the password process is with EZ Link. Basically, EZ Link enables you to log into the Socialcast mobile app from your email inbox in a few clicks.

[Read more about the EZ Link login flow for the Socialcast mobile app.]

Collaboration Has an Expiration Date—and It’s Shrinking

Mobile messaging is already one of the most simple and fastest ways to communicate and collaborate anytime and anywhere, but it’s still too complicated.

Thanks to mobile and cloud-based technologies, workers not only enjoy instant access to information but also expect it. Entire business models depend on it. In other words, collaboration has an expiration date, and in today’s mobile-cloud era, that expiration date keeps getting shorter and shorter.

Echo ONE Podcast Logo“You just have seconds, literally, to get to the point,” said Blake Brannon, VP of Product Marketing at VMware AirWatch, in the newest Echo ONE podcast episode. If the process of finding and sharing that information is too complicated, “you’ve lost the moment where the seeking of that data or the consumption of certain information was relevant. And now that the moment’s gone, you’ve just kind of moved on.”

These “mobile moments” cannot happen if you have to leave the moment in your workflow—the app—to complete an action. That’s why these types of innovations in enterprise chat are such big news.

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