New Social Business Intelligence® Date Selection Capabilities, Post Messages Into Any Group: Socialcast Feature Updates for July 26th, 2010

|   Jul 26, 2010

Today, Socialcast has announced several new features to make your Socialcast community even better. The latest feature updates included in Socialcast Ease® were from user feedback and suggestions, thank you to those that continue to provide great feedback. Socialcast is committed to providing the easiest way to share with colleagues and discover information in real-time.

New Socialcast Features

New Social Business Intelligence® Date Selection Capabilities

A new date selection tool has been added to Socialcast’s exclusive Social Business Intelligence® (SBI) suite of analytics. Now, administrators can easily pull data from convenient pre-selected time periods, or choose specific date ranges. This gives administrators complete control in selecting the dates for further analysis of their community’s activity.

Social Business Intelligence® surfaces the people, conversations, and topics in a community to measure the power of an organization’s collaborative efforts. This tool allows community administrators to discover the most important topics and conversations being discussed by the community. Social Business Intelligence® is a Premium feature available in the Premium Hosted and On Premise (Behind the Firewall) deployments. To add this powerful suite of analytics to your Socialcast community, click here.

Post Messages Into Any Group Regardless of Membership

This new feature allows all community members to post topics, questions or comments into public groups that they are not members of. Now, a user from the sales team can ask a question or post a comment inside the engineering group without having to become a member. These messages, once posted, will appear in that user’s home stream, allowing them to participate in the conversation further. The goal of this feature is to allow users to access experts in a field, making Socialcast a more powerful resource for knowledge-gathering.


  • Hopefully this will be one of those big steps forward that gets Socialcast adopted as a widespread platform!

    Commented on July 27, 2010 at 10:33 pm

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