Mobile Updates: February 2014

|   Feb 28, 2014

Our Socialcast Messenger mobile app allows users to instant message anyone in their Socialcast community while on the go. The app syncs seamlessly with the Private Messages feature so that conversations are never lost and can be accessible anytime though the web app. Check out our latest version of the Socialcast iOS Messenger App available in the App Store today!

Socialcast iOS Messenger 1.2 App available Now

The Socialcast iOS Messenger app 1.2 release addresses overall performance and reported bug fixes for SaaS and On-Premise customers. This release includes:

  • Fixed auto-complete suggested user bug
  • Fixed iPad keyboard automatic dismissal
  • Fixed ‘pull to refresh’ icon
  • Fixed badge icon to reflect correct number of unread messages

Discontinued Support for iOS5 and Gingerbread

Beginning April 1st, 2014, we will no longer support iOS5 and Gingerbread. While users on iOS5 and Gingerbread with existing Socialcast applications will still be able to login, we will no longer invest in maintenance of these apps. Users will need to upgrade to a supported version of the operating system in order to download newer versions of the Socialcast app.

We took a look at the data, and came to this difficult decision due to the fact that only a small percentage of Socialcast users actively use these operating systems, and trend analysis shows this percentage is steadily shrinking.

This decision will allow us to introduce new features to increase user productivity on the go, and maintain the level of user experience that Socialcast is known for.

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