Merging Groups & Users

|   Sep 27, 2012

If you find there are multiple groups in the community focused on a similar topic, the community administrator can eliminate any redundancy by merging one group into another. All messages and members from the first group will be added to the second group, including group administrators, and then the first group will be deleted. During the merge process, the community administrator can rename the master group to help reduce any confusion.

The Merge Groups feature is located under Admin Settings > Tools > Merge Groups.

Similar to merging groups, community administrators can also merge user accounts in the event that a single employee has two Socialcast accounts. This feature is located under Admin Settings > Tools > Merge Users.

NOTE: Once you merge accounts or groups, it cannot be reversed once it has been completed.

Tips for Merging Groups and Users:

  • Private groups can be merged; you can merge a public group into a private group, a private group into a public group, or a private group into a private group. In any case, the merged messages take on the characteristics of the new master group. For example, if you merge a private group into a public group, all private messages will become public, so members of the public group can view them. By the same token, if you merge a public group into a private group, all public messages will become private.
  • External Contributor Groups cannot be merged.
  • Socialcast will not notify group members when a merge occurs. The group administrator should alert group members about the merge, especially if the name of the group changes. We recommend sending a group broadcast message to notify group members of the change.

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