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|   Feb 14, 2012

SAS Celebrates One Year of Enterprise Social Networking with “The Hub” – Powered by VMware Socialcast 

As the SAS work day comes to a close, we’ve learned quite a bit from The Hub community. For SAS, The Hub isn’t just an enterprise social networking tool, it’s literally a way of life. For SAS employees here at the Cary, NC campus and around the world, VMware Socialcast has facilitated global collaboration that is unequaled. Today’s one year anniversary of The Hub, appropriately falling on Valentines Day, showed us how much people at SAS “Love the Hub,” and gave us insight into how enterprise social networking is helping SAS maintain its status as one of Fortune’s top five companies to work for.

The day’s festivities began with in-depth interviews with SAS executives, IT staff and community managers discussing just why they love The Hub:

Michelle Lewis, the Principal Learning and Development Specialist, began by explaining the word “hubbing”, the internal name the SAS team has given to Socialcast, and how this one word encompasses the numerous activities employees can participate in on The Hub.
Randy Mullis, a Senior Systems Programmer, said The Hub has given him a new way to focus on the more difficult IT issues. When questions are presented on The Hub, employees from all departments are able to chime in and troubleshoot, sometimes even before he is aware of the situation. The Hub helps Randy identify the tough questions where he needs to focus his expertise.

Jim Davis, the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, spoke about company culture and how The Hub perpetuates this culture across the campus, reaching into every office. The Hub doesn’t limit conversations to the people in a meeting or to the people copied on an email thread. Now, conversations can be viewed by everyone and anyone can make a contribution.

Aaron Isbell, a Systems Administrator, loves what The Hub has done for interest groups. The SAS Young Professionals Group was established before The Hub and was managed via messy email list serves and other inefficient means. The Hub has not only made it easier to manage groups, but it’s made member growth and participation grow exponentially.

At lunchtime, SAS setup several booths in the campus cafeterias and coffee shops to reward employees for embracing The Hub at such an impressive rate, and to share how they could access the community on their mobile devices. Many SAS employees will certainly be showing off their I Heart The Hub T-shirts over the coming weeks.

After lunch, Julie Legeros, a Senior Information Research Analyst spoke about how much she loves working in the corporate library. Julie bristles at the stereotype of librarians as a breed with a bun in their hair and glasses, and quipped “we’re much more progressive than that.”

Julie’s answered the question of the day, “What is Hubbing?” by describing it as a tool, an action verb, a noun… and always about collaboration.

As the sun began to set on the SAS campus, Suzanne Gordon, CIO and VP of IT, spoke about how many people use social media as a means to speak up about issues they might be having, especially with regards to IT. Suzanne has found that by simply “listening” to The Hub, she’s been able to quickly answer questions or introduce people to each other so that they can collaborate on any number of issues. She’s even at times been able to shed light on IT issues that people might not have even been aware were IT issues.

Suzanne also gave us insight into just how much The Hub has helped facilitate the communication of ideas by people who might not otherwise feel comfortable speaking up. She’s found that The Hub has allowed more reluctant communicators to express their ideas freely.

“Love the Hub” Day has shown that VMware Socialcast is more than just software. For the folks down at SAS, “The Hub”, powered by Socialcast, is the currency of their knowledge based economy. By allowing a workforce of tens of thousands the ability to readily collaborate and enrich any idea proposed on The Hub, Socialcast has become the driving force behind new ideas that can begin, evolve, and be shared by SAS and their customers.


  • Love The Hub! Thanks VMWare Socialcast!

    Commented on February 15, 2012 at 9:22 am

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