Is Your Enterprise Prepared for Chat to Dethrone Email?

|   Feb 23, 2016

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Consumers and business professionals alike are chatting online more than ever, giving instant messaging the lead over email as the most commonly used online communication tool.

For the first time, instant messages were predicted to outweigh email in 2015, and by 2018, instant messaging is expected to account for 75 percent of all mobile messaging (which also includes emails, texts and social media posts), according to Juniper Research.

The popularity of chat is increasing even faster in businesses, according to a Radicati Group study that also predicts instant messaging accounts will total more than 3.8 billion by 2019.

Spam-free and instant, chat is a powerful way for employees to collaborate faster, share and receive information more efficiently and increase accessibility to teammates in order to break down silos. The downside of chat for work: enterprise communication and data is at risk.

Undermining Enterprise Security

Companies that don’t provide employees with a secure instant messaging platform, or that supply workers with subpar enterprise chat capabilities, run the risk of employees using consumer-grade chat applications without enterprise-strength security.

In fact, many IT organizations are so concerned with the security of chat for enterprise communication that they ban employees from using third-party chat apps. But while IT still considers email to be the best way to securely communicate at work, adoption for chat proves that users increasingly prefer instant messaging. And in an era of end-user empowerment and bring-your-own-everything, end users expect to use the tools they find most productive, whether IT bans them or not.

Innovations in Enterprise Chat

Luckily, business technology is rapidly evolving to meet both users’ preferences and IT’s security needs, including innovations in enterprise chat.

Socialcast ChatSocialcast Chat, for instance, offers seamless, lightweight enterprise chat capabilities within the secure enterprise social platform. This built-in instant messaging tool offers multiple benefits. By itself, it’s a more secure option for private, instant communication and file sharing, but it also rounds out a unified communication experience for enterprise social, in addition to integrations with workflow applications and video conferencing.

The Workspace ONE chat app, powered by the Socialcast messaging engine, is another example of mobile-first enterprise chat that enables both user productivity and enterprise security. The chat app can be integrated across the apps and tools workers use to increase productivity, all while protecting data across the digital workspace with invisible security measures.

The point is, end users now drive workplace technology, and it’s up to businesses to decide if they want to get ahead with consumer-simple, enterprise-secure tools or catch up after enterprise data has already been put at risk.

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