Introducing the Socialcast HootSuite Integration — Connecting external social conversations with internal experts

|   Feb 5, 2013

Today we’re excited to announce our newest application integration – with HootSuite, the leading social media management system to monitor, track and measure social conversations and campaigns, users are now able to move external social content from HootSuite directly into their Socialcast community. Taking advantage of Socialcast’s rich set of API’s and the Reach Integration platform the integration allows HootSuite users to highlight the external conversations that are most relevant to the company and flag specific employees or internal groups to immediately take action on customer feedback and external comments.

As the leading social media management system for businesses and organizations, HootSuite understands the importance of allowing users to easily bring key conversations from external channels into a private internal social community. This provides a flow of customer ideas and feedback that can be acted upon with the benefit of the most relevant information from inside and outside the company. With this release we are excited to bring HootSuite and Socialcast users alike the most robust social enterprise integration available.

HootSuite users from around the world are using the Socialcast HootSuite application to:

  • Search their Socialcast community directly from the HootSuite dashboard accessing important product information and support documentation
  • Compose Socialcast messages, including polls and attachments, directly from the HootSuite dashboard
  • View their Socialcast streams, private messages, groups, and @mentions directly from the HootSuite dashboard
  • Move specific social interactions from the HootSuite dashboard into Socialcast communities with only a few simple clicks

To learn more about either platform feel free to request a demo of HootSuite Enterprise or get started with a Socialcast free community today.

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What is Socialcast?

Socialcast by VMware (NYSE: VMW) is a social network for business uniting people, information, and applications with its real-time enterprise activity stream engine. Behind the firewall or in the cloud, Socialcast enables instant collaboration in a secure environment. Socialcast is headquartered in San Francisco, California.