Introducing Thanks: Energizing Employees with Real-time Recognition

|   Nov 18, 2011

With today’s workplace focused on productivity, it is crucial for employees to be recognized for their efforts. According to a McKinsey survey1, employee motivation is decreasing throughout the world and morale has fallen at almost half of all companies. Motivation does not merely result from extrinsic values such as benefits, perks, or even pay, rather employees are motivated by intrinsic rewards that include fulfilling work and frequent recognition of accomplishments. Workplace recognition is about making employees feel appreciated by their co-workers and superiors for their contributions and achievements. When applied effectively, showing recognition will create desirable employee motivation and increase productivity by giving employees meaning to their work and enhancing their job satisfaction.

In our ongoing quest to provide simple tools that deliver intrinsic value to companies, today we are launching a new feature called Thanks, which allows peer-to-peer and management recognition of a job well done, in real time. Thanks addresses three crucial organizational elements that are vital to any company’s operational success:

  1. Employee recognition
    • Research has shown that employee recognition ties directly to productivity improvements and employee retention.
    • Thanks enables peer-to-peer recognition in the workplace promoting a culture of constructive criticism and shared learning thereby increasing employee morale and productivity.
  2. Employee engagement
    • Employees who are recognized for their achievements are more likely to remain engaged in their work.
    • Thanks facilitates new and exciting ways to interact with colleagues in a community by providing meaningful artifacts connected to achievements at work.
  3. Employee feedback
    • Receiving constant feedback has shown positive effects on organizational agility and employee retention.
    • Thanks provides employees with real-time feedback from superiors and coworkers and reinforces positive behaviors and publicly recognizes best practices.

The best way to use Thanks for recognizing and publicizing accomplishments is to attach a badge with a quick message from the Share Form or from a message or comment in the stream.

Sending a Thanks

Unlike email and performance reviews, Thanks recognition badges will remain visible on a company’s stream and in profiles of employees. Other employees will be able to comment and “like” posts to support and validate individual recognition.

Viewing Thanks

Since timing is important in delivering effective recognition, the sooner one acknowledges employee performance the clearer they are about expectations, and they are more likely to repeat the desired behavior. By using Thanks to acknowledge accomplishments in real-time, employees will be receptive to constructive feedback and open communication, resulting in increased productivity, a positive workplace environment, and dedication to the organization.

Go ahead and “Thank” someone in your organization and see the effect of a seemingly small gesture on the longer-term impact of a more productive and engaged workforce. To learn more about Thanks, click here.


  1. “Economic Conditions Snapshot, June 2009: McKinsey Global Survey Results,”, June 2009

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