Introducing External Contributors, User Roles and Org Charts

|   Jul 26, 2011

The modern workplace is a complex ecosystem of employees, vendors, partners, contractors and customers. As in nature, there is a distinct role for everyone, and in order for each member and the sum of the parts to flourish, a symbiotic relationship must exist amongst all parties.

In simpler terms, a company doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it is part of, and relies upon, many others in order to succeed.

Today, Socialcast is announcing several new features that employ this concept: external contributors, enhanced user roles, and organizational charts. Until today, our platform was only available for the employees inside an organization, and there were two distinct roles that these employees could have (a user or an administrator). Now, we are introducing features that permit secure, role-based collaboration amongst employees and non-employees inside a Socialcast community, complete with the appropriate context around each user’s permissions, reporting structure, and role within the communication ecosystem.

While this may seem simple on the surface, creating these new user roles and permissions in a secure fashion was our number one priority. We then wanted to ensure a user experience for both employees and externals that made sense – rather than creating another siloed customer community or allowing vendors to see all of the same data as an employee, we needed to work within the structure of the Socialcast platform, Active Directory integrations, SSO integrations, and both cloud and on-premise hosting models. The result is what we are announcing today – a complete set of roles and permissions that give communication capabilities and context for the entire ecosystem of a company.

The external contributors feature allows companies to securely integrate third party contributors such as partners, vendors, contractors and customers into their existing Socialcast community using designated private groups. Externals and employees can collaborate inside of a company’s existing Socialcast community, giving employees access to all content and external contributors a limited view to only relevant discussions.

Employee View of External Contributor Group

The new organizational chart feature maps the formal reporting structure of both employees and external contributors. Understanding “who’s who” based on titles and roles in a company, and which external partners or third party contributor a co-worker is working with, gives context to a user’s profile.

Socialcast Org Charts

Finally, the introduction of additional user roles allows administrators to create multiple permission schemes for employees, external users, IT staff, and community managers. We’ve added a variety of roles that give limited access to advanced features, such as viewing analytics and creating SharePoint extensions, to designated employees. This empowers more individual employees to provide select administrative roles with Socialcast Reach, Social Business Intelligence analytics, Town Hall, and External Contributors, without giving them full community management access.

Together, these new features represent the future of enterprise collaboration – a flow of information that transcends necessary boundaries while respecting individual companies’ security needs.

Read the press release here.


  • Agree with you Tim, the modern workplace has become complex and a symbolic relationship must exist among parties. Socialcast org charts are great! simple visual relationship. Org chart software’s like Socialcast, HumanConcepts, OrgPlus make an HR’s (like me) task easy with tools like workforce analytics and management 🙂

    Commented on August 5, 2011 at 6:59 am
  • Hi ,

    We are using social Cast inernally between the offices but I am looking to set up a social cast as a communication platform in between several company owners , operating in different countriesand having different domainnames and email adresses . What are the possibiliteis ?

    Commented on September 12, 2011 at 11:54 am
  • Hello,

    can I also invite external agencies in the free version? If yes, how can I do this? 🙂


    Commented on November 19, 2013 at 7:26 am
  • When it comes to org charts, I have found how to make an org chart here and it made my life so much easier! I would definitely check it out!

    Commented on February 27, 2014 at 4:35 pm

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