#E2sday: Why the To-Do List Should Make a Comeback

|   Feb 7, 2012
How often have you gone about a task or project that you've done 100 times before and forgotten a step? Although some things we do at work may be second nature or routine, often times a checklist can save us from going through the motions and leaving something or someone out. Harvard Medical School professor and surgeon, Atul Gawande published a New York Times best seller called The Checklist Manifesto. It's objective is simple: No matter how much modern technology we have on our hands and how much training we get, a simple checklist can improve outcomes for organized industries everywhere.… Read more »

#E2sday: The Power of Recognition in the Enterprise

|   Dec 13, 2011
According to a Westminster College study, 65 percent of surveyed managers believe that money is the primary driver of employee performance. However, the same data shows that employees actually feel differently. This discrepancy had lead to a disproportionate amount of attention paid to financial incentives and not enough spent on simple employee recognition and support. In general, managers can easily over look these non-financial incentives that can be powerful tools for improving employee engagement and performance. Before spending more on salaries, it makes sense to understand the value of a simple pat on the back in the enterprise.… Read more »

#E2sday: The Many Faces of Innovation

|   Nov 29, 2011
As companies continue to expand globally, executives understand that their companies can’t be successful if they ignore diversity and inclusion strategies. Ultimately, including a heterogeneous but cohesive blend of different genders, ages, and ethnic groups provides multiple perspectives, allowing for better problem solving and more creativity. As more social business tools enter the workplace, it is becoming easier to bring diverse groups of people together to collaborate more effectively on projects and innovate even faster. Subscribe Now … Read more »

#E2sday: Mobile Lurking Through the Holidays

|   Nov 22, 2011
Do you find yourself constantly checking your smart phone even though you are on vacation? Historically, the holidays are times when we disconnect from work and spend quality time with our family and friends. However, with the growth of mobile technology, we are hyper-connected, so staying on top of what's happening at work is easier than ever. Last year, more than half of our users checked their Socialcast communities over the holidays. While they weren’t posting like they do during traditional working days, people were checking and reading content.… Read more »

#E2sday: The Humanization of Tech

|   Nov 8, 2011
Historically, most technology was created to serve one purpose: increase productivity. No matter how unwieldy or intricate new tools were, users had to invest a lot of time to learn how to use them to succeed. Today, the most commercially successful products on the market are those that are designed around how people naturally do things. Whether through tried-and-true algorithms or empathic design, the user experience is more important than ever.… Read more »

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