#TipTuesday – Have Rules, But Don’t Overdo It

|   Sep 29, 2015
In this fourth post in a series of tips for building a successful enterprise social network (ESN), I want to discuss the rules and guidelines related to an ESN. First the tip, then the explanation: Have rules, but don’t overdo it. Since an ESN is a means of communication within a business, it’s reasonable for there to be some rules of the road. Companies frequently have policies in place about what is and is not allowed in various forms of communication, so it’s understandable to have such expectations around an ESN.… Read more »


#TipTuesday – Get Executive Buy-In and Participation

|   Sep 22, 2015
In this third post in my series of advice on how to build a successful enterprise social network (ESN), I discuss the following important tip: Get executive buy-in and participation. I'll illustrate this tip by sharing my company's story. Our experience in this regard is a tale of two leaders – very different in their connection to our ESN (called Buzz) and the resultant impact on the reputation and spread of ESN use in the enterprise. For the first two years of our ESN, we had zero participation from our then-CEO.… Read more »


#TipTuesday – Commit to it.

|   Sep 15, 2015
In my previous post in this series, I shared the first of 12 pieces of advice for building a successful enterprise social network (ESN) - have a full-time community manager from the start. In this post I’ll discuss my second tip: Commit to it. Every few decades some new form of communication comes along that substantially changes how communication happens. It gets embedded into our culture and impacts our personal and business lives forever.… Read more »


Recap: Socialcast at VMworld 2015

|   Sep 14, 2015
VMworld 2015 in San Francisco has sadly come to a close and the show is headed to Barcelona. But, before we officially hang up our VMworld badges, we wanted to share some Socialcast highlights from this year’s event. Here’s just a small glimpse into Socialcast’s presence at VMworld 2015! Socialcast at the VMworld Keynote We kicked things off with Sanjay Poonen’s keynote where Socialcast was showcased in Noah Wasmer’s demo of simple logon via VMware Identity and using ACE.   Figure 1:… Read more »


#TipTuesday – Have a Full-time Community Manager From the Start

|   Sep 8, 2015
Last year I had the opportunity to present a session at the J. Boye Web and Intranet Conference in Philadelphia. The session was about building a successful enterprise social network (ESN) – an internal social network used by employees within a business. This has been my profession and passion for the past 5+ years, so I was pleased to talk about it and to hear others’ experiences as well. The time for that presentation was limited to about 35 minutes of me presenting plus time for discussion.… Read more »

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