How Humana Leverages the Socialcast API for Custom Apps

|   Dec 22, 2011
What if your company encouraged you to turn work into a game? That’s exactly what happened at Humana when they launched Socialcast. Read Write Web gave Humana the chance to contribute a post today about their social endeavors and app-building expertise (read the full article here).
Using the Socialcast API, a team of Human Resources employees conceptualized and developed a suite of apps and game-like activities with the goal of strengthening the community. Humana’s goal was to make Socialcast – or “Buzz,” as it’s called internally, into an engaging and helpful tool for employees. The team created “The Hive,” a personal social graph for every employee that highlighted one’s participation level and the fellow Buzzers with whom they collaborated the most. They also created apps to highlight unanswered questions, participation heat maps, and trending conversations. All of Humana’s apps and integrations are thoughtful and useful, but almost equally important is that they were quick to build (some completed over just one lunch break). Expanding upon a company’s social network to align with specific business needs is an important component in making the deployment successful. Visit Read Write Web for more details, screen shots and the developers’ perspective on building with our API.

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What is Socialcast?

Socialcast by VMware (NYSE: VMW) is a social network for business uniting people, information, and applications with its real-time enterprise activity stream engine. Behind the firewall or in the cloud, Socialcast enables instant collaboration in a secure environment. Socialcast is headquartered in San Francisco, California.