Hi there social enterprise enthusiast!

|   Aug 28, 2012

My name is TJ and I wanted to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself as one of the newest members of the Socialcast team. As the Social Marketing Manager I will be running Socialcast’s blog and social strategy. So if you ever need anything, I am only a tweet or comment away!

Social has always been a passion of mine and having seen it grow from the ground up it has continued to astound me. Astound me not only by the sheer scale social has reached, but also by what people have accomplished with these platforms. From mobilizing students to enabling businesses, there truly looks like there is no off limits for social. But what gets me even more excited about social is seeing that we have yet to scratch the surface! And that’s exactly why I am here at Socialcast, to continue to scratch, to see how far enterprise social can change the way modern businesses operate.

That being said, let’s get to the good stuff, here are 3 things the average person doesn’t know about me…

  • I have watched more hours of the Cooking Network than ESPN.
  • I come from a family of 7.
  • I have no idea what breed my dog is…

There you have it, now it’s time that I get to know you better. So drop me a comment and let me know a little about yourself, and please let me know what topics you are looking forward to seeing next on the Socialcast blog. Feel free to follow me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn. Thanks!

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