Feature Updates: May 2016

|   May 31, 2016

Check out the newest features and enhancements for the month of May* below:

1. WebEx Integration

We are excited to announce our newest integration with WebEx for online meetings and video conferencing. Communities will be able to take advantage of the Personal Room feature in WebEx and allow users to launch their Personal Room and start a WebEx meeting from any chat.

  • To enable this integration, Admins will need to go to Admin Settings > Integrations > External Applications > WebEx and add your corporate WebEx URL (e.g. http://acme.webex.com).



  • If LDAP is enabled in the community, then Socialcast will automatically generate the user’s WebEx Personal Room URL using the AD username and admin-defined corporate URL (see above.)
  • If LDAP is not enabled, or if the user tries to start a meeting without having their Personal Room URL set, the user will be prompted to enter it.


  • Users can edit their Personal Room URL through their Profiles. The Personal Room URL will appear on user’s profile page.
  • Once everything is properly configured, users will be able to click “Start WebEx” from the chat gear icon or by clicking the video icon in full conversation view. A “Join my WebEx Meeting” link will be sent in the chat so members can join on the web, or on mobile if you have the app installed.


2. Custom Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for External Contributors

With increased adoption around our External Contributor functionality, customers have requested the ability to define custom Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for External Contributors that differed from their employees, to meet legal and security requirements.

Communities that have External Contributors enabled will now see two new fields under Admin Settings > Legal > Settings. If populated, ECs will be will be required to accept the custom EC Privacy Policy and TOS when they sign on to the community for the first time.


3. OAuth 2.0 Implicit Grant

For those advanced customers using Socialcast to build custom apps who are using OAuth 2.0 Implicit Grant authentication, we’ve made an enhancement so that users no longer need to authorize access to the app every time. Admins can now allow implicit grant authorization on a per-app basis by going to Admin Settings > Integrations > Apps > Edit and click “Allow user authorization to be remembered so that users will not have to authorize the app every time.” Once complete, users will only be prompted to authorize the app the first time they use it.


*Please note that On-Premise clients will receive these features in a future release.

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