Feature Updates: June 2016

|   Jun 29, 2016

OneDrive for Business

This month, we are excited to announce our newest integration with OneDrive for Business*. This integration will allow users to attach files from their corporate OneDrive for Business file library to any Socialcast message or comment, while preserving the file permissions settings in OneDrive.

To enable this integration, Admins will need to go to Admin Settings > Integrations > External Applications > OneDrive for Business and follow the configuration steps indicated on the card. Note: You will need to have administrator rights to your Office 365 or Sharepoint Online instance to setup the integration.


Usage and Permissions:

  • Once this integration has been enabled, all members of the community will be able see the option to attach files from OneDrive for Business when drafting a message.


  • Users will be prompted to authenticate to OneDrive using their corporate login or go through corporate single-sign on flow.


  • Users will have access to all the files and folders inside their OneDrive for Business account, and be able to select the desired files to attach to Socialcast. They will also be able to upload new files to the OneDrive repository and set the sharing permissions on a file directly from the pop-up dialog.


  • Sharing: This integration will respect the Sharing permissions set on the OneDrive file. For example, if a file only available to you is uploaded to Socialcast, then you will be the only user who can click to view the file. Other members will see there is an attachment to the post, but will need to request permissions through the standard Microsoft access request prompt. Files shared with ‘Everyone’ will be viewable by all members of the community. User can adjust sharing permissions on each file before attaching


  • Viewing: Images uploaded from OneDrive for Business will load the file from the Microsoft OneDrive viewer. Files, such as PowerPoint or Word documents, will need to be downloaded locally (similar to existing behavior).


*Please note that On-Premise clients will receive these features in a future release.

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