Feature and Mobile Updates: April 2014

|   Apr 29, 2014

For the month of April, we have a few minor feature enhancements and an updated Socialcast iOS mobile app to simplify your communications on the go. Check out our newest features available today*:

1. Warning Confirmation for Leaving Private Groups

A number of customers reported that they were accidentally leaving Private Groups, and as a result had a difficult time finding or joining them again. We now alert the user when they are trying to leave a Private Group. If the user confirms that they do actually want to leave the group, then they will be redirected to their default stream.


Leaving a Private Group



Confirmation for Leaving Private Group

Confirmation for Leaving Private Group














2. Added Birthday as a Profile Field

Setting up a Birthday Thanks is a great way to acknowledge a co-worker on their special day and increase engagement. Available at the end of the month, users will be able to add their birth month and day to their profile information. Community Admins will have the option to enable/disable this field for the entire community from the Profile Fields section under Admin Settings.

*Please note that On-Premise clients will receive these features in a future release.

3. Socialcast iOS 3.4 App available in May

New Features

  • Messenger Integration – In addition to the stand-alone Socialcast iOS Messenger app, we have integrated Messenger conversations back into the Socialcast App. You can now access your Private Messages directly within the Socialcast App. Messenger will be found at the top of the navigation menu.
  • SSO authentication through Safari browser – Socialcast iOS will no longer use the embedded browser to authenticate via SSO and will instead be directed through Safari to ensure compatibility with authentication services that rely on software credentials running on the iOS device.

Security and Bug Fixes

  • Improved caching security
  • App displays login screen after password has been changed
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from following members for communities running On-Premise version 2-80-4
  • Reduced amount of empty space displayed in messages with no likes or comments
  • Improved network stability

Upgrade Requirements

  • Socialcast iOS 3.4 requires iOS 6 or later
Messenger in Menu

Messenger in App Menu

Private Message Conversation History

Conversation History


Drafting a New Private Message

Drafting a New Private Message


Private Message Conversation

Private Message Conversation



















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