Enterprise Apps Finally Speak Social

|   Sep 19, 2012

Social collaboration between employees is one thing, but collaboration between employees and enterprise applications is another. That’s why today we are excited to introduce the future of the social enterprise with the Socialcast Integration Engine. This one of a kind engine allows you to integrate your business-critical applications, systems and data right into your social enterprise stream. Now with the Socialcast Integration Engine you can socialize business critical application processes all within Socialcast creating a one stop shop for all of your employees to work, collaborate, and get to the information they need faster to drive better business results.

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few examples of how the Socialcast Integration Engine can change your enterprise today…

How can this change the sales role?
Use the Socialcast Integration Engine to make sure your sales team never misses another contract renewal again. Have your CRM system send account owners a Socialcast message letting them know that an account they own is coming up for renewal.

How can this change the IT role?
Next time your server runs into an error don’t wait for an angry customer to give you a call, have your server message your IT team as soon as it goes down. Use the Integration Engine to link your server with Socialcast, allowing you to receive Socialcast messages seconds after an error is found so you can quickly resolve the error using the collective knowledge of your team.

How can this change your supply chain management?
Running out of inventory is simply not an option for large manufacturing enterprises. Adding a social layer to your supply chain process enables action to be taken quickly by notifying the proper people when supplies are running low and engaging a team to ensure that shelves are alway stocked. All while capturing repeat exceptions that often get lost in the process.

These use cases are just the tip of the iceberg of what the Socialcast Integration Engine can do for your enterprise today. Here at Socialcast we truly believe that the Socialcast Integration Engine has the power to redefine the social enterprise by giving your enterprise application a voice in the Socialcast stream. To learn more about the Socialcast Integration Engine please reach out to us to schedule time with one of our integration experts today…

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