Feature Updates: October 2014

|   Oct 29, 2014
Check out Socialcast’s newest feature additions, fixes, and updates for the month of October*: 1. Exposed Additional Settings in Group and Town Hall Creation Dialog Over the last few months, we received many requests for some additional features when creating new Socialcast Groups or Town Halls. Many of these features already existed but were hidden behind a ‘show more’ link in each respective new creation dialog and hard for users to find. For example, the option to “Allow members to see questions before they have been answered by a speaker” for Town Halls and the option to “Exclude from Company Stream” for Groups, will be more apparent so you can further customize your members’ experience using these features.… Read more »

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 6.56.53 PM

Feature Updates: September 2014

|   Sep 30, 2014
We have some exciting new features and enhancements this month, including a new Custom Theme Builder! Theme your Socialcast community to match your corporate branding, showoff your company culture, and drive internal initiatives. Admins can use this interactive tool to create and deploy beautiful themes for end-users to enjoy in a matter of seconds. This feature is only available for Premium communities, so upgrade your Free community today. Check out the features available for September* and let us know what you think:… Read more »


Feature and Mobile Updates: July 2014

|   Jul 24, 2014
This month, we’re releasing a few enhancements to our web app and an updated Socialcast Android app supporting push notifications. Be sure to check out these features and let us know what you think! 1. Support for Diacritical Marks In the past, users have had difficulty when trying to enter words with diacritical marks such as: São Paulo, Göttingen, and Córdoba.… Read more »


Feature Updates: June 2014

|   Jun 27, 2014
Socialcast Thanks badges are a great way to acknowledge co-workers for a job well done, and can boost employee morale and productivity. Everyone loves to be recognized, which is why this month we’re enhancing Thanks to be sent to multiple people. Additionally, we’re improving our provisioning options and controls so admins will have more flexibility when it comes to managing users. Check out a few of the features available in June*: 1.… Read more »


Feature Updates: May 2014

|   May 21, 2014
Check out Socialcast's newest feature additions for the month of May*: 1. Set Profile Photo Using HD Webcam A few months ago we introduced a feature that allows new members of a community to create their profile photo using their webcam using a Chrome or Firefox browser. We decided to enhance that functionality by utilizing the Chrome browser’s High Definition feature of the webcam to produce a more detailed photo. A user’s profile photo captured from their HD webcam in Chrome can now have a maximum resolution of 720px by 720px.… Read more »

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