Email’s Not Dead, It’s Just Getting Better

|   Apr 6, 2016

Ding dong! Email’s dead!

You’ve probably heard that phrase more times than you can count in the past years. So are you still sending and reading emails?

mobile email appYou’re not alone. No matter how many times email gets flattened by those words, people don’t stop using the standby tool for online communication. More than one-third of humanity will use email by 2019, estimates The Radicati Group, and business users will steadily increase their daily diet of email to about 126 emails sent and received per day by 2019.

It’s that universal adoption that makes email as relevant as ever. Even most email alternatives still require an email address to sign up, and often the activity that occurs outside of email still gets routed to your inbox (i.e. “You missed a chat” or “Bob commented on your project”). In a sense, now that you’re using multiple platforms to share files, update your teammates and manage projects, email is even more vital as a notification system for what’s going on in all of these other tools.

Email’s even persisted through the shift from desktop-centric work to mobile work. In 2015, about 68 percent of all emails were opened on a mobile device, based on 6.03 billion emails analyzed in the US Consumer Device Preference Report by Movable Ink.

Though email once felt stuck in the desktop era, new mobile apps have finally evolved email for the mobile-cloud era. Now customizable, quick and smart, email’s not dead. It’s just getting better.

  • Email is no longer one-size-fits-all. Email may still come preloaded on just about every piece of technology, but users now have more choices with the rise of non-native, third-party email apps for mobile devices. Email apps are increasingly customizable, down to the colors and swipe gestures you want to use. Email is now personal.
  • Email is faster. Email apps now let you send quick, pre-configured replies, even more convenient than typing out a text or instant message. You can tap to send your calendar availability to someone, and you can take action on emails in bulk. Email is now designed to work with your hurried, on-the-go workday from the nearest mobile device you have at hand.
  • Email keeps learning. What you do in your inbox is largely repetitive—“Saved,” move to “Project,” send to “Trash”—and email apps are increasingly analyzing your behaviors to predict and suggest where to move your mail. Intelligent features like this help you save just a little more time for more important work.

Email still isn’t the Swiss Army knife you once thought it was. You still need better places to collaborate with large groups of people, to share information and to find the right expertise.

But email will continue to be one of many essential tools you use for productivity at work, and other mobile collaboration tools will supplement email, not replace it. Long live email.

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