#E2sday: Why the To-Do List Should Make a Comeback

|   Feb 7, 2012

How often have you gone about a task or project that you’ve done 100 times before and forgotten a step? Although some things we do at work may be second nature or routine, often times a checklist can save us from going through the motions and leaving something or someone out. Harvard Medical School professor and surgeon, Atul Gawande published a New York Times best seller called The Checklist Manifesto. It’s objective is simple: No matter how much modern technology we have on our hands and how much training we get, a simple checklist can improve outcomes for organized industries everywhere.

#E2sday: Why the To-Do List should make a Comeback

“The fear people have about the idea of adherence to protocol is rigidity. They imagine mindless automatons, heads down in a checklist, incapable of looking out of their windshield and coping with the real world in front of them. But what you find when a checklist is well made, is exactly the opposite. The checklist gets the dumb stuff out of the way , the routines your brain shouldn’t have to occupy itself with.” – excerpt from Gawande’s book.

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