Sogol Motiey
Sogol Motiey
Client Development Manager
Sogol graduated from University of California, Davis with a Bachelor degree in Managerial Economics and Spanish. Before joining the VMware team, Sogol had some great work experience in healthcare consulting until she discovered her love for technology. As a Client Development Manager at VMware Socialcast, she works with some of Socialcast's largest clients across the Americas and Europe, ensuring that these customers enjoy and get value out of the product. Sogol's role is to build and grow client relationships and most importantly, understand the clients' business while generating new ideas to enhance the use of Socialcast long-term.

Why Socialcast Projects Is Superior to the Old School Paper To-Do List

|   Oct 9, 2015
We all have those days when there are too many tasks to accomplish, dozens of emails to respond to, calls to schedule, and so many projects to keep track of that we don’t know where to begin. Sometimes we have so many balls up in the air that we may lose track of loose ends and forget to complete an assignment, causing us to feel like we are barely able to keep our heads above water. I used to think the traditional pen and paper to-do list was the most efficient and effective way to keep track of my daily tasks. There’s something about writing down to-dos and scratching tasks off your list that’s incredibly satisfying. You can almost feel the thing you’ve just accomplished when you’re holding a pen, just about to scratch it off the list.… Read more »

Case Study: Socialcast gives students, professors, and professionals the right tools for solving real-world design challenges

|   Aug 13, 2015
Washington State University (WSU) is a nationally recognized research university providing world-class education to more than 26,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students enrolled in ten different colleges. As part of their Senior Design Curriculum, students from WSU’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science needed a simple and intuitive platform to support collaboration between students, faculty, mentors, and sponsors. The tool also needed to be safe enough to ensure the privacy of sensitive intellectual property provided by the sponsoring companies. After selecting Socialcast by VMware, participation grew rapidly as students discovered it was a very efficient platform and replaced meetings with a real-time activity stream of sharing documents, posting comments, adding suggestions, and sharing ideas. It also gave professors the ability to bring teams together and visibility in observing all facets of student performance.… Read more »

The Presidential Precinct Welcomes YALI Fellows to Virginia with Socialcast by VMware

|   Jun 26, 2014
I had the opportunity to experience the Presidential Precinct Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Opening Ceremony first hand on June 16, 2014, where we were greeted by fellows and leaders, including the honorable Tim Kaine, followed by a reception at the pavilion and a noon luncheon at Garrett Hall at the University of Virginia.  To top it off, we all gathered at a local Mexican restaurant where we watched the USA vs. Ghana World Cup game - a victory for USA with memorable performances from Ghana. Check out this video of the fellows cheering on Ghana after they made their first goal. The next six weeks will be full of leadership training, academic coursework and mentoring for the Washington Fellows representing 18 African countries.… Read more »

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