Mark Horton
Mark Horton
Marketing Programs Manager
Mark is the Marketing Programs Manager at Socialcast with emphasis in product and digital marketing development. He holds his undergraduate degree in Marketing and Public Relations from Pepperdine University. For the last few years Mark has been working on and refining creative digital marketing models that focus on product or brand awareness and growth. Mark's other professional interests include social media, collaboration, web standards and communication in both B2B and B2C markets. When not working, Mark can be found surfing, fishing, woodworking and spending time with his family.

#E2sday: The Evolution of Teams

|   Nov 1, 2011
Throughout history, the idea of “team” has shifted with the needs and skills of the larger populace. From the dawn of man millions of years ago to the digital age, we review how the landscape of teams have evolved over time. Subscribe Now CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE … Read more »

#E2sday: Hollywood Teams and What They Can Teach the Enterprise About Working Together

|   Oct 25, 2011
According to Box Office Mojo, in 2010, 1.3 billion movie tickets were sold in the US and Canada. Meant to entertain and help people escape stress in their lives, going to the movies is a favorite pastime for many. Hollywood isn't just providing entertainment, they are often teaching us valuable lessons through the stories and characters we see on the screen. Let's take a look at some of our favorite Hollywood teams and what they can teach us about working together.… Read more »

#E2sday: Roles on a Team and How They Apply to the Enterprise

|   Oct 18, 2011
Some people like leading the charge. Others would rather engage behind the scenes. In the enterprise, teams typically are made up of people with different skills and can be scattered all over the world. Many companies use behavioral models to create teams in order to harness the unique skills of each member, and ensure the group works together effectively. In 1981, English management theorist Dr.… Read more »

#E2sday: Better Together – Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development

|   Oct 11, 2011
Most theorists believe that every sustainable group goes through several phases or stages throughout its lifetime. Perhaps the most widely adopted model is Bruce Tuckman’s “Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning” group development standard. Observing the behavior of small groups in various environments, he identified distinct steps that describe the evolving elements of team dynamics. Let’s review the stages of Tuckman's model and see how you can apply this framework in your organization. Subscribe Now CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE … Read more »

#E2sday: What the Enterprise Can Learn From Sports Teams

|   Oct 4, 2011
From the field to the office, teams all have a similar genetic makeup: a collection of members working toward a shared goal and sustained success. This week's #E2sday takes a look at how work teams can learn a thing or two from competitive sports teams. Subscribe Now CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE … Read more »

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