Carrie Young
Carrie Young
Senior Manager, Strategic Business Development
Carrie provides the direction for marketing, partnerships and client fulfillment with a philosophy of proactive servicing and communication at all times. A veteran of B2B relationship-building, Carrie’s experience includes managing corporate sponsorships at the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, partnership marketing at The Irvine Company, and press and event management at Nickelodeon and DIC Entertainment. Carrie graduated cum laude with a degree in English from UCLA and holds an MBA from UC Irvine.

Another Great Collaborative Place to Work: FactSet

|   Jan 19, 2012
A cupcake truck, free lunches and an in-house gym - that's our kind of work environment! These are just a few of the more "fun" reasons that FactSet, a company that has been using Socialcast for nearly two years, was just named one of Fortune's Best Places to Work (for the second year in a row, actually). We're starting to see a trend - companies being recognized for their employee programs and excellence in workplace culture are launching enterprise social networks. There seems to be a correlation between better collaboration and a better workplace. One FactSet executive noted that Socialcast had led to a 25% increase in intra-department and intra-office collaboration.… Read more »

Respect and a Social Network: Ingredients in SAS Institute’s Formula for Success

|   Jan 6, 2012
The employee-employer relationship is more challenging than ever. Research has shown that employee engagement is trending downward (see our infographic on this subject here), and retaining top talent is a challenge as high performers seek out better work environments that give them freedom, flexibility and a say in how things work. In a market where some companies are struggling to keep productivity, morale and engagement high, SAS Institute seems to have found the winning combination. Named Fortune’s #1 place to work for two years in a row, SAS gives employees what they need to be fulfilled not only as employees, but as parents, partners, and the other roles that a person plays when not at work. SAS has also deployed The Hub, a white-labeled Socialcast community where ¾ of its workforce comes to share information.… Read more »

How Humana Leverages the Socialcast API for Custom Apps

|   Dec 22, 2011
What if your company encouraged you to turn work into a game? That's exactly what happened at Humana when they launched Socialcast. Read Write Web gave Humana the chance to contribute a post today about their social endeavors and app-building expertise (read the full article here). Using the Socialcast API, a team of Human Resources employees conceptualized and developed a suite of apps and game-like activities with the goal of strengthening the community. Humana's goal was to make Socialcast - or "Buzz," as it's called internally, into an engaging and helpful tool for employees.… Read more »

#E2sday: Mobile Lurking Through the Holidays

|   Nov 22, 2011
Do you find yourself constantly checking your smart phone even though you are on vacation? Historically, the holidays are times when we disconnect from work and spend quality time with our family and friends. However, with the growth of mobile technology, we are hyper-connected, so staying on top of what's happening at work is easier than ever. Last year, more than half of our users checked their Socialcast communities over the holidays. While they weren’t posting like they do during traditional working days, people were checking and reading content.… Read more »

Reducing Enterprise Social Bloat: Socialcast’s Theme at the E2.0 Conference

|   Nov 14, 2011
It’s that time of year again – the E2.0 Conference in Santa Clara is upon us. As thousands of practitioners make their annual pilgrimage to this social-collaborative Mecca, Socialcast will be at the conference talking about reducing “enterprise bloat.” It’s a fitting topic, considering that the holidays are fast-approaching. We all start doing things a bit in excess this time of year – just a few extra handfuls of kettle corn, one more glass of champagne at the party, and an extra piece of pumpkin pie because, you know, it’s the holidays and therefore completely acceptable, right?… Read more »

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