Cameran Evans
Cameran Evans
Chief Data Scientist
Combining advanced analytics with business acumen, Cameran leads the Socialcast by VMware Data Science team. Cameran is responsible for leading all data efforts on the Socialcast product, using big data to inform and create new products as well as mining customers’ community data to help them optimize their investment. A veteran of the business intelligence community, Cameran was previously with Disney Parks and Resorts where she drove significant revenue growth through pricing and product optimization. She holds a degree in Economics/Mathematics from UC Santa Barbara and graduated at the top of her MBA class at UC Irvine.

Making Data Work

|   Feb 13, 2014
Yesterday, I spoke at the 2014 Strata conference in Santa Clara alongside a brilliant and like-minded data scientist, Kim Stedman.  Every year the conference brings together the top minds in the data world to talk about the most important issues companies are facing. In past years, there has been a strong focus on new technologies like Hadoop, that are enabling organizations to store, process and analyze vast quantities of data. While these tools are exciting things to talk about, we are seeing a shift back to the fundamentals of data, and the most important question of how to get value from the data that we capture and store.  After all, the tools are a moot point if we don't know how to make data work for our organizations.… Read more »

Social Analytics for the Enterprise

|   May 22, 2012
Want to be an industry leader? Look to social analytics In 2007 Thomas Davenport and Jeanne Harris wrote the book “Competing on Analytics” proclaiming to the world  the power of numbers. The book showcased companies like Harrah’s Casino and Netflix and how they use data to become industry leaders while making billions of dollars. Come 2011, Hollywood caught on to the data fever and made Moneyball (based on the book) bringing the concept of analytics to pop culture. Of course analytics have been around long before 2011, but you know when Brad Pitt is involved it’s gone mainstream.… Read more »

Mobile Lurking Through The Holidays

|   Jan 20, 2011
There is no doubt that the modern day knowledge worker’s level of connectivity has skyrocketed thanks to mobile devices like smart phones and the iPad. These advances allow us to stay on top of all things work from the time we first wake up to the moment we fall asleep at night, leading to the increasing blur between personal and work time. In a recent study, iPass found that the average workday for today’s worker using a mobile device is more than 10% longer than the average workday as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2008. Therefore, mobile devices have proven to be a wise investment as more hours worked mean higher productivity levels for the company. In a second study done by Xobni, research showed that 59% of Americans checked work email while on vacation.… Read more »

How to Get Your Questions Answered in Socialcast: A Data-Driven Approach

|   Dec 14, 2010
Imagine this… You are working on a project with a tight deadline, but you’re stuck… If you could only solve this one problem, you’d be a hero, but you can’t figure it out… You have already talked to your immediate team, but no one can help… You then decide to post your question in your company’s Socialcast community Finding answers to questions is one of the most important use cases for internal social networking. But while posting your question in your community improves your chance of getting help, about 33% of all posted questions don’t receive a response. While there is no guarantee that there will always be an answer to your question, after analyzing the data from more than 6,000 recent questions posted in select Socialcast communities, we have uncovered several best-practices that significantly increase the odds of any given question being answered. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE Tip #1: Bring others in to help Call other people’s attention to your question through the use of “@mentions,” the industry standard method of highlighting another member’s name in your message.… Read more »

How To Calculate the ROI of Enterprise 2.0

|   Nov 30, 2010
With enterprise social software platforms still in their infancy, ROI measurements are just now becoming possible with early adopter communities. While I don’t expect that we will need to continuously re-justify these tools in the workplace, I do believe that measurements are going to be required to help bring about a more successful transition and wider adoption. At the Enterprise 2.0 conference last month, I spoke on a panel about measuring the ROI of E2.0 from an HR perspective.… Read more »

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