5 Workforce Stats That Prove You’re a Remote Worker, Too

|   Apr 19, 2016

Just about everyone is a remote worker these days thanks to innovations in technology.

You’re probably still commuting to the office, but not every day. Most companies today offer at least some flexibility to work outside the office, reported FlexJobs.

Interest in telecommuting isn’t the only thing fueling mobile work, though. Even companies that don’t allow flexible work at all are increasingly working apart in other ways: while traveling, on their sick days, after business hours, etc.

mobile workJust read these five stats to see for yourself how much work really is mobile these days:

  1. According to a FlexJobs survey, 76 percent of workers choose to telecommute when they need to knock out important tasks, either from their home or another space outside the office.
  2. By Glassdoor’s estimates, around 61 percent of employees check work email on vacation (And yes, checking email is working!).
  3. As a result of the increased accessibility of work, about 57 percent employees are working from home while they’re sick, according to Softchoice’s Death of the Desk Job infographic.
  4. About 36 percent of U.S. employees frequently work online after regular business hours, according to Gallup findings.
  5. Nearly a quarter of the U.S. workforce now regularly telecommutes at least partially, according to the latest telecommuting statistics from com.

Chances are you fit into one of those categories as a human being with tough days, off days, sick days and vacation days. These stats don’t even cover the growing percentage of the workforce that works on a mobile device while commuting to the office, traveling for business or ordering coffee during a lunch break.

Now that work can happen anywhere, employees are increasingly working away from their desks and outside of the office, whether by choice or because of rising expectations. In other words, you’re a remote worker now.

And mobile productivity tools are a necessity to work efficiently and securely at any moment. You need mobile-ready tools for workplace communication, secure ways to chat co-workers and open up links from your inbox and simplified access to work apps from any device.

Read how remote, mobile, distributed workforces at major companies are making that happen using the power of Socialcast and VMware mobile collaboration solutions:

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