3 Reasons You Never Get Great Ideas out of Meetings

|   Mar 17, 2016

brainstorming meetingsDisorganized, unproductive, long and often unnecessary, meetings have gotten way out of control. And here’s one more reason to stop having so many meetings: you never get great ideas out of them. Here are three reasons why:

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  1. People are too nice in meetings. The groupthink concept has long been known to be a crippler to effective brainstorming. In a group, people tend to gravitate towards a consensus, the status quo, even if it’s not the most logical or creative solution, instead of offering disruptive alternatives. As explained in Inc., groups are better at agreeing than generating ideas, but you need to be able to shoot down bad ideas and think radically to get to the good ideas faster.

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  1. It’s always the same, old group. Teams tend to always meet with their same, immediate group of coworkers, which leads to the same type of thinking. And in a small team, everyone resorts to their typical roles in meetings—some will always dominate the conversation while others shy away from speaking at all. What you get is the same, tired resolution to every new problem.

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  1. Not everyone has a voice. This leads to another reason brainstorming meetings don’t lead to great ideas. The loose format itself undermines open innovation. Brainstorming meetings tend to be unstructured, and instead of order or processes for participation, it’s the loudest or first ideas that get the floor. Meetings tend to favor extroverted communication styles and make it difficult for introverts to participate.

There’s just no room for creativity in a conference room. This is why brainstorming works better online, according to Harvard Business Review.

Unlike real-time meetings, virtual brainstorming happens on everyone’s own schedule, which grants participants time to research the problem and independently come up with unique ideas. It’s also easier to bring in lots of new participants, who offer diverse perspectives, into the mix without complicating the conversation. Plus, the central space you brainstorm in online then serves double-time as a searchable archive of every idea put on the table and every discussion thereafter.

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