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Rails 2, MySQL, and Character Sets

|   Jun 29, 2011
If you have not been able to upgrade to Rails 3 and Ruby 1.9, you may be unaware that your application is misconfigured. If you have international customers, ensuring that character sets are configured properly is important to making sure your application behaves the same for them as it does for local customers. UTF-8 All The Way Across Your Stack There used to be compelling reasons to stick with latin1 encoding. Each character is a single byte and it closely relates to ASCII, the original encoding of the internet.… Read more »

#E2sday: The Working World

|   Jun 28, 2011
One thing people have in common across the world is work. Whether a country specializes in manufacturing or service, people must make a living. Significant differences exist in the economic conditions affecting workers' lives. Some countries stand out as having a culture of workaholics, vacationers, retirees, or an aversion to paying taxes (but really, who doesn't?).… Read more »

#E2sday: Freelance at a Glance

|   Jun 21, 2011
The popularity of mobile devices combined with the explosive growth of apps and cloud-based computing are making it easier than ever before for people to take their expertise out of the office and set off on their own. Whether they do it for the flexibility or the independence, freelancers are fast becoming the new face of the global workforce. Today's #E2sday takes a glance at what it means to be a freelancer. Subscribe Now CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE … Read more »

JavaScript Memory Management

|   Jun 16, 2011
In the Front-End Engineering community, long-standing assumptions about the life of a page are being challenged as full-page refreshes and traditional Ajax patterns are replaced with Ajax Navigation and client-side frameworks like Backbone and SproutCore. While these new technologies enable greater performance and code re-use, the benefits come at a cost - added complexity. With these new patterns, JavaScript memory management becomes an even more critical aspect of the development process. In order to successfully apply these new technologies, Front-End Engineers will need to understand and deliberately manage the individual lifecycles and memory footprints of the components (DOM Elements, JavaScript Objects, client-side cache) that make up their applications. There are two main contributors to memory issues in JavaScript:… Read more »

#E2sday: Adding Play Into the Enterprise

|   Jun 14, 2011
As companies grow, keeping employees informed and engaged becomes more of a challenge. In a recent study, less than 10% of employees report they understand their company's mission statement. Other research shows a significant increase in the amount of time and money people spend playing online games. Is there something to be learned from this phenomenon that leaders can apply to their organizations to create more engaged employees? Subscribe Now CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE … Read more »

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