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Embedded Contextual Collaboration with Socialcast Reach

|   Mar 30, 2011
The Socialcast platform, like most other enterprise collaboration software, is dependent upon the network effect. That is, as more people join the network, greater value is created – with every new member that joins comes another potential answer, knowledge source, and idea. Our most successful deployments are those that are enterprise-wide and boasting the largest, most comprehensive internal networks. Companies such as SAS, with about 5,000 users (43% of their global workforce) and Nokia, with more than 14,000 users worldwide have demonstrated that managed virality encourages adoption, usage and drives business value. The Socialcast Reach extension that we launched in October, 2010 has been critical to the proliferation of Socialcast across entire companies because it has enabled hundreds of thousands of employees to access their community across intranets, SharePoint, CRM systems, and their other business systems.… Read more »

#E2sday: April Fools’ Day in the Enterprise – Practical Jokes and General Foolishness

|   Mar 29, 2011
The first of April marks the day that wisecrack jokesters in your office have been secretly scheming and preparing for all year. It’s the day you walk into your austere cubicle, only to find that your chair has been shrink-wrapped, or worse, rigged to fall apart. According to a Career Builder survey, 32% of workers say they’ve started or have fallen for an April Fools’ Day prank. Today's #E2sday looks at April foolery in the workplace and how to celebrate it without getting in trouble. Subscribe Now CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE … Read more »

#E2sday: How to Calculate the ROI of Enterprise 2.0

|   Mar 22, 2011
With enterprise social software platforms starting to gain widespread traction, ROI measurements are now becoming possible with early adopter communities. Many companies are looking for a detailed guide on how to measure the benefits of E2.0 software and demonstrate its ROI. Calculating ROI can be a daunting and overwhelming task, but given advanced analytics, it is definitely possible. With industry costs ranging from $1 - $5 per user per month, and with little to no hardware and low management costs, even small increases in key performance indicators driven by enterprise social software platforms produce significant ROI.… Read more »

#E2sday: Hail to the Female – Untapped Tech Talent

|   Mar 15, 2011
2010 marked the first year that women became the majority of the U.S. workforce. At the same time, the technology industry is thriving in this digital era. Data shows that women make strong leaders and company founders, often bringing more efficiency and profitability to the table than men.… Read more »

Come meet us at SXSW in Austin

|   Mar 11, 2011
Today marks the first day of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival where many technology enthusiasts and thought leaders from around the world come together to discuss the latest trends and innovation on the web. To continue the growth and innovation of activity streams, Socialcast is participating in two key events at SXSW: Socialcast Director of Engineering Monica Wilkinson will speak on the Federating the Social Webpanel: Saturday March 12th at 9:30am Location:… Read more »

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What is Socialcast?

Socialcast by VMware (NYSE: VMW) is a social network for business uniting people, information, and applications with its real-time enterprise activity stream engine. Behind the firewall or in the cloud, Socialcast enables instant collaboration in a secure environment. Socialcast is headquartered in San Francisco, California.