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Does Ruby on Rails Work For Larger Engineering Teams?

|   Aug 17, 2010
One of the main concerns I had when I got started with Ruby on Rails three and a half years ago was whether the benefits of improved productivity and enjoyment I experienced as a lone developer would scale up to a larger team. As Socialcast’s team has grown, I’ve had the opportunity to see how a Ruby on Rails project can work with a larger team involved. Today, Socialcast has a large team of engineers focused on javascript and Rails and another team of designers who do primarily HTML and CSS all interacting on one Rails project. Thus far the experience has been very positive. One strength of Rails that keeps getting better as the team grows is the practice of convention over configuration.… Read more »

Activity Stream Pioneer Monica Keller Joins Socialcast

|   Aug 15, 2010
Today, Socialcast has announced two major additions to its technology and thought leadership with the immediate hire of Monica Keller, Activity Stream pioneer and Open Standards advocate who previously led and advised development teams at both MySpace and Facebook. Monica will assume the role of Director of Engineering. Socialcast also announced that Monica will be ushering in immediate support for the Open Graph Protocol, making Socialcast the first enterprise software provider to do so. The addition of Monica and her evangelism of the Open Graph Protocol will help Socialcast continue to serve as a thought leader for collaborative software in the enterprise. We’re excited to have Monica lead our development efforts as she brings web-scale experience to our successful platform.… Read more »

How 3 Billion Meetings Per Year Waste Time, Money and Productivity in the Enterprise

|   Aug 10, 2010
Meetings are often a waste of time in the Enterprise. Every employee has sat in countless meetings that drone on – meetings where you’re not really needed, meetings about mundane details of the business, even meetings to plan for future meetings. With an estimated 11 million formal meetings per day in the United States, corporate America has been held hostage by 3 billion meetings per year. It’s not that every meeting is a waste of time, or useless, but rather that meetings are overused and often unnecessary when there are tools like social software that can be used to collaborate instead. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE At its core, a meeting is a gathering of people designed to allow collaboration on a specific topic.… Read more »

The Communication Shift: It’s Time for a Change in the Enterprise

|   Aug 2, 2010
Looking back over the past half-century, a clear pattern has emerged with respect to how companies and their employees communicate. Every 20 years, a new widespread form of enterprise collaboration has been adopted. From the adoption of the telephone in business (1950s), the fax machine (1970s), and email (1990s), how business people communicate and collaborate has drastically changed over a short time period. Each technology leap has allowed the faster sharing of information, increasing the speed at which business can be conducted. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE The first revolutionary shift began with the widespread adoption of the telephone in business during the early 1950s.… Read more »

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