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Feature Updates: August 2016

|   Aug 24, 2016
This month, we have a bunch of great new integrations, APIs, and feature enhancements. For those of you converted over to the new (v7) interface or preparing for the update, we’re continuing to release enhancements that end-users will definitely appreciate. Read more about it below. 1. Skype for Business We are excited to announce our latest integration with Skype for Business Server (formerly Microsoft Office Communications Server and Microsoft Lync Server).… Read more »

Socialcast Webinar

Everything You Need to Know about the New Socialcast Experience

|   Jul 27, 2016
Have you heard? Socialcast by VMware, a secure chat and social collaboration platform, just launched a redesigned user interface, as well as an enhanced chat and mobile experience. It's here! Check out the redesigned @Socialcast enterprise chat & social platform:… Read more »

Feature Updates: June 2016

|   Jun 29, 2016
OneDrive for Business This month, we are excited to announce our newest integration with OneDrive for Business*. This integration will allow users to attach files from their corporate OneDrive for Business file library to any Socialcast message or comment, while preserving the file permissions settings in OneDrive. To enable this integration, Admins will need to go to Admin Settings > Integrations > External Applications >… Read more »

Feature Updates: May 2016

|   May 31, 2016
Check out the newest features and enhancements for the month of May* below: 1. WebEx Integration We are excited to announce our newest integration with WebEx for online meetings and video conferencing. Communities will be able to take advantage of the Personal Room feature in WebEx and allow users to launch their Personal Room and start a WebEx meeting from any chat. To enable this integration, Admins will need to go to Admin Settings >… Read more »

work genie

New Wave of Enterprise Chat Grants You 3 Wishes at Work

|   May 25, 2016
Last week, Google showed everyone at the I/O conference that the future of chat is here. Integrated with their popular search engine, new chat app Allo answers your questions, mid-conversation, like your own personal genie. It’s just one of many recent innovations ushering in a new wave of smart mobile messaging and enterprise chat. Bots like this are just the beginning of chat’s transformation from stupid simple to incredibly smart. Where once simplicity drove consumer adoption of chat, now intelligence is driving enterprise adoption of more secure, more productive chat technology for work.… Read more »

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