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fall in love with work

5 Small Changes You Can Make to Fall in Love with Work

|   Feb 10, 2016
Is it really possible to fall in love with work? What’s there to love about waking up early every day and being herded through traffic, only to stare at grey walls and click through emails? As much as we love to bash and whine about work, many workers actually enjoy their jobs. About 67 percent of employees even used the words “love” and “feel pretty good” to describe how they feel about their companies, in a Virgin Pulse 2015 survey. That could be you.… Read more »

awkward social network moments - small

5 Awkward Moments You’ll See on Enterprise Social Networks

|   Feb 5, 2016
Now that enterprise social networks (ESNs) connect entire companies across the world, employees have more opportunities to learn, network and collaborate than ever. There are also more opportunities to embarrass yourself in front of everyone. 5 Awkward Moments on ESN—and How to Recover Just like Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, ESN platforms are ripe for miscommunication and conflicts. Here are five awkward moments you’ll likely encounter on ESN and team communication tips to nip them in the bud. When the office chatterbox discovers chat.… Read more »

afternoon productivity slump

Afternoon Productivity Slump? 10 Lazy Urges to Stop Fighting

|   Feb 3, 2016
How many times have you seen an article on how to beat the afternoon slump at work? Do those deskside pushups, third cups of coffee and handfuls of almonds actually work? The truth is, humans aren’t designed to consistently work at a high-energy level all day. Because you’re not a robot, your energy reserve will deplete, and your efforts to restore it within a small amount of time are only temporary fixes. You will yawn, and you will lose focus.… Read more »

saying no at work

Saying “No” at Work—without Destroying Team Communication

|   Jan 27, 2016
Nowadays, anyone can solve problems, take on new responsibilities and build a reputation as a “yes” employee just by logging on to a team communication tool or enterprise social network. But sometimes, there’s just not enough time to answer every question, join every project or take on every task assignment. So what’s the trick to saying “no” at work without damaging your reputation or professional relationships? Why You Need to Say “No” More Saying “no” at work isn’t just about giving yourself more wiggle room. Accepting too many invites and work requests can lead to information overload, longer project completion time and poor work output quality.… Read more »

work from home productivity

How the Most Productive People Work from Home

|   Jan 22, 2016
It’s severe weather season, and even if you’re not a regular telecommuter, chances are high you’ll find yourself skipping icy commutes to work from home at least once this winter. Though working from home is known to increase productivity at work, distractions abound, and it’s easy for the new or novice telecommuter to get off track. So how do the 3.7 million regular telecommuters around the world get work done outside the office? Productive telecommuters have a morning routine.… Read more »

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