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Feature Updates: August 2014

|   Aug 29, 2014
Check out Socialcast’s newest feature additions, fixes, and updates for the month of August*: 1. Accessing Archived Groups Through Group Dashboard Groups are essential to collaborating and facilitating discussions within a community, whether it’s around a certain department, team, project, or topic of interest. As more and more groups are created and used to manage conversations, we wanted to make it easier for teams to go back and access the valuable information in these groups once they were archived. Group members and administrators will now be able to click on the Group button from the left navigation bar to access all their groups, including Archived groups.… Read more »


Feature and Mobile Updates: July 2014

|   Jul 24, 2014
This month, we’re releasing a few enhancements to our web app and an updated Socialcast Android app supporting push notifications. Be sure to check out these features and let us know what you think! 1. Support for Diacritical Marks In the past, users have had difficulty when trying to enter words with diacritical marks such as: São Paulo, Göttingen, and Córdoba.… Read more »

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Announcing the new Socialcast Android 3.0 app

|   Jul 1, 2014
Today, we’re excited to announce a completely redesigned version of the Socialcast Android app. The Socialcast mobile team has rebuilt the Android app from the ground up, giving the app a clean and intuitive design with a more robust array of features and enhancements. An ever-increasing number of our customers are using Socialcast on their mobile devices, so this new app will make it easier for Android users to access their communities while on the go.    New design and optimized performance The new Socialcast Android app has undergone a significant redesign, making the new app consistent with Android design guidelines. We also worked on optimizing performance, making the interface faster and much more responsive.… Read more »


Feature Updates: June 2014

|   Jun 27, 2014
Socialcast Thanks badges are a great way to acknowledge co-workers for a job well done, and can boost employee morale and productivity. Everyone loves to be recognized, which is why this month we’re enhancing Thanks to be sent to multiple people. Additionally, we’re improving our provisioning options and controls so admins will have more flexibility when it comes to managing users. Check out a few of the features available in June*: 1.… Read more »

The Presidential Precinct Welcomes YALI Fellows to Virginia with Socialcast by VMware

|   Jun 26, 2014
I had the opportunity to experience the Presidential Precinct Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Opening Ceremony first hand on June 16, 2014, where we were greeted by fellows and leaders, including the honorable Tim Kaine, followed by a reception at the pavilion and a noon luncheon at Garrett Hall at the University of Virginia.  To top it off, we all gathered at a local Mexican restaurant where we watched the USA vs. Ghana World Cup game - a victory for USA with memorable performances from Ghana. Check out this video of the fellows cheering on Ghana after they made their first goal. The next six weeks will be full of leadership training, academic coursework and mentoring for the Washington Fellows representing 18 African countries.… Read more »

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